Hi Everyone! Sorry for the hiatus but work got in the way of my beauty blogging and then I went on vacation and then I had a week long conference- #lifegetsintheway! So here is an eyeshadow post, a post I promised 3 weeks ago #betterlatethannever. I thought I was going to do just one but I think there will be a series- I have that many eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes!

Today I will talk affordable drugstore eyeshadow palettes that are good quality and some of them are similar to highend palettes- looking at you urban decay naked palettes.  I think the Urban Decay naked palettes are some of the most replicated palettes on the market because of their extreme popularity, but they are $52 #ouch #coughcough. All Palettes discussed are $10 or less except for the BH Cosmetics x Carli Bybel palette which is $14.50 and comes with 10 shadows and and 4 highlighters/glow face colors and is only available at Ulta.com. See second picture for this palette. (I’m including it because it is a great palette for a drugstore price although you can’t just go anywhere to get it)

Surprisingly the most affordable, creamy, pigmented eyeshadow palettes and singles are by Wet n Wild and Black Radiance which even though may be marketed to different skin colors, they are the same formula. Wet n wild trios run about $2.99, singles are .99 cents and the larger palettes that have eight shadows, they run about $5-$7.  Usually there are specials too where you can get buy on get one %50 off at most drugstores or get a certain % off.  Since I like a natural look and not dark colors on my eye #pale, I like “walking on eggshells”, “sweet as candy”, and “silent treatment” for the trios. For wet n wild singles, my favorite two are “brûlée” and “nutty”.  The 8 shadow palettes that are my favorites are wet n wild “comfort zone” and black radiance “downtown browns”, “deeper the berry“, and “island blues”. All three of the black radiance palettes have neutral brown/taupes mixed with some more interesting colors like plums or blues. Next time you’re at the drugstore throw one in your cart and try one out- for the price you have nothing to lose! #livealittle #yolo  (Milani palette in the middle will be discussed below!)



The stars of this picture are the palettes in the middle- Milani Everyday Eyes Palette in “Must have Naturals” (gold packaging), and you really can’t go wrong with any of the other variations of this palette, although watch out for glitter (must have naturals does not have glitter). These are $10 and you can buy at milanicosmetics.com, walmart, and cvs. The formula of these Milani shadows in this palette are so creamy, buttery, and pigmented with hardly any fall out. #youcantaskformore The other two palettes in black packaging facing each other in the middle are CoverGirl Tru Naked eyeshadow palettes in Nudes and Roses. I will be getting the third one called “goldens“! #howdoinothaveityet But the Tru Naked nudes and roses definitely resemble the Urban Decay Naked Palettes 1 and 3. They even have “Naked” in the title. Now these are not dupes, but they are very similar and worth trying out for $10 a piece instead of paying $52 a palette. #savesomemoneygirl. The palette at the top of this pic is the BH Cosmetics x Carli Bybel, which is available at Ulta for $14.50. This palette is very wearable. The colors look dark but go on very soft and are easy to work with in terms of blendability. #worthatryinmyopinion #especiallyfortheprice The palette at the bottom of this pic is the Elf prism eyeshadow palette in nude and I’m not so sure how crazy I am about it so I’m not going to discuss it much, I found the formula to be hard,flaky and not very pigmented. #goingback #howdiditendupinthispic.

There’s so much I wanted to put in this post, so I think in the future posts I will talk high end/department store eye palettes and my favorite eye shadow brushes both drugstore and high end.

As always links provided are not affiliate and are included as resources for you to look at products discussed.

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