Today I’m writing this post about my favorite (Holy Grail people) brow products and my at home brow routine (with encouragement from /  I was thinking about writing about my Anastasia Beverly Hills 5 Piece Brow Kit anyway because I could not live without that thing, especially since I started doing my brows at home. I have had this kit for 12 years with no replacements!  Originally I bought it from the Anastasia counter at my Nordstrom where they used to wax brows (my brows) up until recently. The kit has changed a little bit, for the better, in terms of the stencils, but it was $65 then and it’s still $65 with the same products except now my “medium ash” is now called “medium brown”. This kit is now sold most places that sell Anastasia of Beverly Hills products including,,, and

I recently felt forced to do my brows at home because Nordstrom stopped doing waxing with their Anastasia counter. So I turned to my Anastasia 5 piece kit. It has the exact stencils they used in the waxing, and I knew how to use them and the ratio method (described below) after getting my brows waxed by them for like 10 years. I rely on these things to make my brows look great after having a lot of bad experiences at salons, like one being shorter than the other, one being skinnier than the other, or not having them look the same at all. So let me be clear, I believe that the stencils that come in the Anastasia Kit are a God send, but they are not for every day. Let’s have some common sense, they are a guide to help your brows have some shape when tweezing, not for your brows to look exactly like the stencil. The stencil I have is petite arch but honestly medium arch is what I really need, but in my ultimate wisdom 12 years ago, I got rid of the other stencils so petite is the only I have #slapsselfonhand. So I use common sense because the petite is a little small for my brows #itsaguide. Maybe I should just buy the stencil set so then I’ll have the medium arch!

My brow routine for shaping and tweezing brows:

  1. The very first thing I do when I get out my kit is use the brush with the angled end/spooley and the powder and I make 3 vertical lines – one at the start of my brow, arch, and end of my brown using the ratio method which uses your nose as the guideline for your brows (see below for exact description, video and written).
  2. I brush through my brows with the spooley.
  3. Then I take my stencil and place it on top of my brows starting at the line I made at the start of my brows and fill in with brow powder. I do both brows with these steps before I start tweezing.
  4. I tweeze. Even though the anastasia kit comes with tweezers, I prefer my tweezerman slant tweezers ($23 & had these for 14 years) and use those to pluck/tweeze hairs that are outside the brow powder. I tweeze under the brows, any hairs that are way over the brows, and the middle. My brows tend to look very bold after the brow powder, but it washes right out with a face washing. Again let me be clear that the stencils are not for everyday wear- don’t stencil your brow, fill it in, and then wear it outside the house. #NO #onceagainitsaguide

Video on using the Anastasia Brow Kit here by Anastasia herself. This is a youtube video, done by Anastasia herself, of all the steps I just talked about so that you can visualize it as well as visualize the golden ratio method mentioned below. Take a peek it’s only 5 minutes.

Anastasia’s Golden Ratio Method: (from anastasia’s website)

Brows should begin directly above the center of your nostrils. Brows should end where the corners of the nostrils align with the outer corners of the eyes. The highest point of the arch should align the tip of the nose with the center of the iris. 

Into the Gloss easy tweezing guide here. Article and small video clips for a very natural brow look without stencils.


My everyday brow routine for filling in brows: I like this to be a simple part of my makeup routine and I don’t like to spend a lot of time on it. For daily filling in I use a skinny brow pencil to fill in my brows. I am currently using the NYX micro brow pencil ($10) in ash brown which is a semi dupe of the pricier Anastasia Brow Wiz ($21). I find that the color is the most important part of filling in your brows for a natural look and not like you filled in your brows. I like a cool toned brown/taupe for my brows. I could use the lighter of the two shades from the the Anastasia kit, but I feel like I have more control with a skinny brow pencil because I can make small hairlike strokes to fill in the brows.

  1. I start by brushing through my brows with the spooley that comes on the end of the NYX pencil.
  2. Then I start to fill any gaps in my brows with small hairlike strokes with my pencil.
  3. To finish, I brush through my brows with the spooley again, for some reason this helps everything to blend together and sometimes put on my anastasia brow gel to keep my brows in place (I have also heard the NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel $6 is comparative).  #easypeasy

Into The Gloss also has an easy peasy brow tutorial/article that’s a step by step on how to fill in your brows for a natural look. The author’s brows are thicker than mine and you’ll notice that her pencil is thicker, your pencil or product of choice depends on YOUR brows. You may need very little filing in or you may need to reconstruct your brows so these various brow types will dictate what brow products will be best for you. Into the Gloss How to Fill in Eyebrows here- an article and video by Anna Speckhart on how to fill in brows for a natural brow look.

What stood out to me about the Into the Gloss articles was how natural the end look was and how accepting the authors were of their brows and the reader’s brows. It was all about your brows being the best for you, not copying trends or celebrity brows. I am all about natural beauty. I was born with my brows, not someone else’s, so acceptance is the first step. #isntitalways When I am on instagram it can be disheartening sometimes to see what makeup and cosmetic companies are shoving down our throats lately in terms of what’s beautiful. Last time I checked, a chick with drawn on drag queen eyebrows was not natural beauty. #sorrytooffend #inmyopinion #nothingagainstdragqueens Yes brows need to be cleaned up, yes they need filling in, yes they should frame your face, but they shouldn’t be the first thing you notice! Remember they are the frame, not the picture.

First of all -congrats if you made all the way down to the bottom of this post because it was a long one! Let’s celebrate by letting me know your brow rituals down below in the comments! What products do you like the best for your brows?

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