I wanted to share this promo that I noticed on Amazon this weekend. #iloveagooddeal! If you have Amazon prime (you can also participate if you sign up for the free 30 day trial) you can get a $25 credit to your account when you spend $50 in the luxury beauty department. The $25 credit can only be used in the luxury beauty department, but I still think this is a pretty good deal 😀 #likegettingsomethingforfree. Use the promo code from the picture at check out- PRIMEDAY25. When your items ship, your account will be credited.

I tried this out this weekend- I bought the Jane Iredale Color Sample Kit for $32 and the Lorac Pink Champagne Palette for $19 (total =$51) on Saturday. My items shipped yesterday and my account was credited yesterday, my items will arrive today! There are lots of brands and price points to choose from such as Lorac, the Balm, Jane Iredale, Mario Badescu, Essie, Bliss spa, Stila, Supergoop, L’occitane, La Roche-Posay, St.Tropez and Tan towel etc. Check it out! I’m trying to decide what I’m going to get with my $25 credit and I’m thinking the bliss waxing poetic kit although I’m secretly scared of waxing at home 😁!

You can use this promo now even though Amazon Prime Day does not start until the 12th (tomorrow). Link below will take you directly to the luxury beauty section of amazon.com


UPDATE: There’s also a section of items that are all 35% with Prime, the 35% shows up at checkout. You could probably double up on 35% off and do the code for the $25 credit. Play around and see! (it won’t let me do it because it is a one time use code, but it was going to let me double up on the 35% off and $25 off the select items)

stay tuned for beauty and makeup pics for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because I’m a card holder I’m going to start shopping on the 14th!! Yay 💋💕💄

What I bought:

Jane Iredale Color Sample Kit - Medium




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Great heads up! Do you have any recommendations from amazon’s luxury beauty department??


Hi Jenny! Yes there are tons that I can think of but for sure any of the Lorac PRO Palettes or the Lorac Unzipped Palette. Anything from the Balm- In the Balm of Your Hand Palette, Nude’tude Palette, Meet Matte -Nude or Trimony, The Manizer Sisters, INSTAIN blushes, Bahama Mama bronzer, or the Balm Desert, the Balm Balm Jovi Rockstar Palette, and last but not least the Balm Balm Voyage 2 palette. I know that’s two brands, but I don’t want to suggest something from a brand I don’t I haven’t really tried. I wanted to test out Jane Iredale since I heard really good things about those products, but if you are familiar with them already that’s a good one to look at too! Hope this is helpful!!


OMG also stila eyeliners or windows to the soul or perfect me palettes.

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