I recently ordered the Artis Elite Mirror 3 Piece Brush Set from HSN ($95- with an overall retail of $165) when it came back in stock. This set comes with an Oval 6 ($55), Oval 3 ($40), and a Linear 1 ($35) with a brush cleaning pad ($25) and a 1.7 oz brush cleaner ($15). Last month I was thinking about finally spending the $95 for this set, crazy I know, but then it sold out and disappeared. When it came back in stock last week, I bit the bullet and ordered it. I was really intrigued after seeing many people within the last year or so using these “toothbrush” handle type brushes.

Now you can buy these brushes straight from Artisbrush.com, net-a-porter.com, saksfifthavenue.com, neimanmarcus.com or hsn.com. I will say that HSN has a hard time keeping these in stock. Other brands have their own version of these brushes including Cailyn Cosmetics O Wow! Brush ($32- $16.50 at amazon) and MAC has an Oval 6 brush as well for $42. I was really curious how these brushes were different from regular makeup brushes and if they actually made a difference in the way makeup was applied, and if they were worth the hefty price tag!

General Overview: These brushes are quite dense. They don’t seem to absorb too much product which I like. They are ergonomic, which they are designed to be. The point of how these brushes are designed as well as their “toothbrush” shape is to be used by the person applying the makeup vs a makeup artist applying makeup to someone. They are made of a synthetic bristles called “cosmefibre” and are “animal free beauty”.  These fibers are very soft and not scratchy at all which makes gliding it across your face a delight 😉 In all seriousness though, I don’t have a high tolerance for scratchy brushes- looking at you bareMinerals Full Flawless face brush.


Oval 6 Brush (Left): This brush was a little smaller than I anticipated, but it’s just a tad smaller if not similar in size than a real techniques expert face brush. This brush is the perfect size for multitasking on the face. It is the perfect size for liquid/cream/powder foundation, blush, contour, bronzer, or highlight. This is my favorite and most used of the three because of all the things it can do. This brush blends so well, I do not find the need for a beautyblender touchup when I use it. There’s something to the shape of the brush/bristles- the way it is cut, the length of the bristles and of course the density. Like I mentioned above, the density of the brush prevents it from soaking up too much foundation, making it easy to spread and blend your product. I can see why it’s called the “Rolls-Royce” of makeup brushes- my wallet does too!

Oval 3 Brush (Middle): Artis is saying this is your eye brush or lip brush, but I find it a little large for that. It’s good for any product you would use over the entire eye area like primer or concealer. It would be really hard to be exact and purposeful with your eyeshadow or lipstick. So far I am using this for concealer, foundation (for small areas of the face), and/or eye primer for the eye area.

Linear 1 Brush (Right): I thought figuring out what I was going to use this brush for would be a challenge, but it actually makes liner and brows pretty easy, brows especially. I bet it would make a cut crease pretty easy too. It’s a useful brush but not a necessity. It’s nice that it comes in this set, but I probably would not buy it on its own.

Cleaning with the Cleaning Kit: The directions to clean these brushes is a little different than I am used to but rest assured I want to make sure that I clean my $55 makeup brush properly because I don’t plan on buying another one anytime soon. The directions say to use the foam and cloth (which is on a hard board). You either pump the foam cleanser out onto the brush or cloth/board. I pumped it out onto the brush itself. Then you are to swipe the brush with the cleaner on it onto the cloth/board until it swipes clean. I was skeptical about this procedure because I doubted how clean this was going to get these brushes, but it worked- they looked and smelled clean! I think because the brushes are so dense and they do not soak up product that there is not much product to actually clean off, you are more or less disinfecting.  I really appreciated that they were easy to clean.

After receiving this set I was actually thinking it would probably have been more economical to just get the Oval 6 brush at $55. None the less, I like that I got to try all three to see what I found useful, and I also like the addition of the cleansing kit which I probably would not have bought on its own. If I were to recommend any of the brushes it would be the Oval 6 because of the versatility. I liked this set and I’m going to keep it, but I probably will not buy any more of them. #toorichformyblood

Let me know if you have tried any of these types of brushes. I also bought the O! Wow brush by Cailyn Cosmetics for $16.50 from Amazon and plan to do a comparison to the Artis Oval 6 in a post next week as they are very similar in size. There’s a big price difference between $55 and $16.50!

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Your opinion about these brushes – better than beauty blender? Idk if they worth the price, seems like my old friend aka beauty blender is irreplaceable.


Hi Akmaral! Thanks for your question/comment 🙂 This is a difficult question to answer because of the price difference. First off I would recommend the Artis Oval Face brush either size 6,7,or 8 instead of a set. I use my oval 6 ALL the time since I got it, but it is $55 while the beauty blender is $20, and let’s be honest you can probably get the same result! With that said I use my Artis brush everyday- more than my beautyblender. I think it comes down to preference 😉

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