Ok, NOT makeup, but something equally as good #promise. I don’t get passionate about too many things, but this sweater is one of them! I first mentioned the barefoot dreams cardigan when I posted my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale fashion picks, that’s right, the “blardigan”. Everybody loves these and they sell out really fast (most Anniversary options sold put right now). This year Nordstrom had the Calypso drape front and the Circle cardigan in multiple colors, but to be honest sometimes those anniversary colors are kinda weird. I mentioned that I might have more than three or four #allegedly. Honestly I’m about to have more because QVC is going to have another rockin’ TSV on 8/5-the Barefoot Dreams Essential Long Cardi with Pockets in six colors (silver, sand, cocoa, graphite, indigo, and black) with 4 optional easy payments and free shipping for $79.96 (A284564) EXPIRED. Ok -I already ordered black and now I’m trying to decide what other color I want (it’s between silver and sand).  Also check the bottom of this page for the other Barefoot Dreams items that will be available on 8/5.

I know what you’re thinking: why does she need/want (no, it’s a need) so many of these?  It.is.just.that.good. It’s like being wrapped in the softest blanket ever while wearing something suitable and appropriate in or out of the house. I wear these all the time when it’s cooler, in the house for lounge, I sleep in them if I feel cold at night, and I wear them when I’m out and about. Hell, I’m wearing one right now while I type this! I’m a big lover of cashmere but these cardigans are much lower maintenance to take care of. #ilikenofuss This particular one QVC is offering is perfect to wear out of the house with leggings or skinny jeans. It is long, covering your tush, while having a flattering cut. I was a little worried that it would look like a frumpy grandpa sweater, but it didn’t! Warning: I found this to be longer than I anticipated, almost to my knee (more like mid to low thigh) and I’m 5’5, but it’s not an unflattering length because the cut is so good. Please see the pic below because looky looky, I found the QVC TSV at Nordstrom- only in two colors and for $130. QVC cardi on the left/Nordstrom on the right:

Fit and Care:If you plan on ordering, order your regular brick and mortar size. Whatever size you would normally wear at Banana Republic, Loft, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom etc., order that size. I also like that this QVC cardigan has individual sizes XS, S, M ,L etc. vs the sizes offered on Nordstrom which is either S/M or L/XL. I also did not find the arms tight on this, which I have found them close fitting on the calypso cardigan and that is a common complaint. Another common complaint is the shedding so I want to address that. My cardigans have had some light shedding at first, but after I machine wash/lay flat to dry, the shedding stops. The lay flat to dry is important in keeping it feeling the same way it did when you bought it and to prevent shrinking. I have used my dryer on my first couple and they tend to shrink a little and not be quite as soft because the fibers seem to shrink together. All in all this is one of my favorite things so I wanted to lovingly share it with you and like always when there’s a pretty good deal #atleastinmymind on something that I like, I want to share that with you too!

In addition, here are the other other items that QVC will be having on Saturday when they air the Barefoot Dreams Cardigan, these haven’t come up yet to buy with the item numbers, but if you’re interested, you’ll probably start being able to order them on Friday (I’ll keep you updated).

weekend wrap: A2801843 $103 4 easy pay
lounge pants: A280207 $106  4 easy pay
calypso vest: A280199 $86 on sale for $62.86 plus 4 easy pay
knit beanie: A280947 $40 with 3 easy pay
malibu stretch flare pants: A280209 (price not given)
luxe milk jersey tee sleep set: A280204 $125 with 4 easy pay
cozychic heathered socks:280206 $15 with 3 easy pay
Ombre Calypso Wrap:A285155 $92 with 4 easy pay
Adult Cozychic Wrap Robe: A271288 $126 with 4 easy pay

Do you have one of these already? Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments!


*These items were purchased by me and this post is not sponsored

*No affiliate links, links are here for shopping and enabling

*Pictures from QVC and Nordstrom

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