Happy belated 4th and Canada Day to everyone! Fun Fact: My parents were Canadian! Today, upon request, I’m swatching and reviewing the BareMinerals Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer ($28) from my June Play! by Sephora box, click the link to see my post on what came in the box!

I saw this product come out last August of 2015 and I remember thinking what the hell am I going to be able to use that for? Boy was I wrong, this little baby is so versatile! I was stalking the internet this Spring to see how I could get a sample which were offered by Sephora, then Ulta, but I was always missing out on them! Finally this arrived in my Play! by Sephora June box #didaliteralhappydance #jumpedforjoy #calmdownitsjustmakeup

PACKAGING: The BareMinerals sheer sun serum bronzer come in the same packaging as the serum foundation so you are supposed to shake it before use and there is a little ball in the there or something to that extent that you can hear rattling around.  As you can see from the picture there is a dropper type dispenser because it is a liquid product. The bronzer comes out one drop at a time.

PRODUCT: The product is a warm bronze liquid with the slightest hint of shimmer but no glitter. #andimeantheslightest.  It has a lot of slip to it, blends very easily into the skin, and builds upon itself (see picture above). In the picture I have rubbed out the little drop (only what I would need for half my face) down my hand so you can see how blendable it is as well as how pigmented it can be.  I am quite fair in complexion so I want my bronzers to make me look like I have some sun without looking orange or harsh or muddy. #ihadmyconcerns #dingding #wehaveawinner This is such a natural looking bronzer and I only need two drops to do my face, if that. I think the full size is 1 oz- that’s gotta last you a year or two! I actually kinda wish they had put this out in a smaller size like a .5 oz for $14. Is it just me or have cosmetic prices sky rocketed in the last 5-7 years?!

APPLICATION: So to use this I either put a drop on my brush, finger, or back of my hand and then dot it where I want it on my face (after foundation/concealer). Warning: If you do put it on your brush, your brush will suck it up fast and you will probably waste product this way. I put it where I would usually get sun- so top of forehead, top sides of face,  upper cheeks, and nose, wherever you would tan. After dotting, I blend it with a brush (I’ve been using a flat top brush but you could also use a stippling brush or any other kind of blending brush- you don’t need that special bare minerals brush) and I’m bronze and glowing!  It is super easy to use even though it is liquid and the great blendability helps because it sheers out and never looks heavy or cakey. Note: depending on your skin type you may need to set this with powder or whatever you use to set with as you would regularly.

OTHER WAYS TO APPLY: Like I said before, this product is so versatile. 1. You could use it by itself in the way described above with no makeup on. 2. You can mix this with a foundation that’s too light to make it your color in the summer (I have used it this way after I had a little sun from the beach and it was great!) so you don’t have to buy a darker foundation. 3. You can mix it with your moisturizer or your primer (my bet is it would work better with your moisturizer but there are no rules here #dowhatyouwant)

Another thing I like about this product is the fact that I trust the brand for sensitive skin. This particular product is made without fragrance, silicones, parabens, or oils (according to bareminerals). #prettyimpressive  I also need to note that I’m doubting the “serum” part of this product, I’m not expecting this to have any type of serum or anti-aging effect for my skin, I’m talking about this purely as a bronzer/makeup item. For the record this is very similar and a lot cheaper than another product I own: Perricone MD No Bronzer Bronzer SPF 30, which is .3 oz for $35.  So overall I would buy the full size of this product. #lovedit

BareMinerals says:

A unique bronzing innovation, this silky, sheer tint of liquid sunshine enhances your skin with a warm wash of color. The ultra-thin, lightweight formula was created to blend beautifully and to add a sun-kissed veil to a universal range of skin tones. Contour and define to flatter your best features, or layer over your foundation to give your skin that ever-enviable natural summer glow any time of the year.

Size: 1 fl. Oz. / 30 ml

Suggested Usage Instructions

Shake well. Apply with fingertips, or use the Shake, Drop, Buff Application with bareMinerals Perfecting Face Brush. With this versatile formula, you can:

  • – Use alone for a stunning, sun-kissed glow
  • – Drop into your bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation for a boost of beautiful bronze OR
  • – Layer over any bareMinerals Foundation for a natural, healthy-looking summer glow


  • SHAKE well for a perfect mix of ingredients.
  • DROP 1-2 drops of foundation into the brush reservoir.
  • BUFF onto skin in circular motions.
  • Add additonal drops one at a time to increase coverage.

Read more at http://www.bareescentuals.com/bareSkin-Sheer-Sun-Serum-Bronzer/US77656,en_US,pd.html#djlB6ovpDTwGdOTy.99



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