I am not sure if you have heard of a brand called BeautyCounter, but they are a safe and clean type of skincare and makeup company. Much like Avon and Mary Kay, you have a dealer, ahem, I mean consultant to help you make purchases and possibly give you samples like mine. #sheisawesome #andmygoodfriend You can also directly order from Beautycounter.com without a consultant too. Consultants often have Facebook and home events where you can learn about products and sample them before you buy.  What makes this company different is that they use a European standard (which is much stricter than the US ) for ingredients and try to use minimal amounts of harsh or carcinogenic chemicals in their products. They are a brand that is endorsed by the Environmental Working Group or ewg.org. I will say the prices are a little more expensive than say Avon, but you are paying for good ingredients (and consultants), so many of these products have a “sephora” level price tag.

Enter Target. Beautycounter and Target are doing a little known or talked about collaboration where you can order Beautycounter from Target and possibly buy in store for a lower price. Granted the sizes are smaller but sometimes you don’t want a whole tube of something that you are not sure you are going to like and plus at Target you can return your item. #lovetarget If you like your stuff, you can order from a consultant or online. I ordered this sweet little kit and got a $5 gift card. So now would be a good time to mention that this week Target has a promo where if you spend $20, you get a $5 gift card and this counts online too! It will automatically be added to your cart at checkout and when your order is processed, you will receive it electronically to your e-mail. I’ll reiterate my love for target here! Some of my picks from this collaboration would have to be the cute kits that they have put together. The one I got was a lipgloss and creme blush, they also had a lipstick with a blush/bronzer compact, and there were some skincare sets too.


So now that we have a summary of the brand and promo codes out of the way- read on to hear more about some of the Beautycounter products I have tried and/or ordered!

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Beautycounter Charcoal Mask ($45, target $30)- I loved this mask when I tried it. It was nice and thick. My skin felt so smooth and soft right after and the morning after using it. I like that it did not burn or sting or dry out my skin. You can tell when you look at the deck that they did in fact leave out a lot of harsh chemicals that can be found in masks and charcoal masks alike.

Beautycounter  Sea Salt Spray ($26)- Two of my favorite Salt Sprays are the Bumble and Bumble ones. I find that if I use a salt spray a lot of styling that is can dry out my hair and scalp. Because this does not have alcohol or other harmful ingredients it does not dry out my hair or scalp while giving my tresses texture and volume!

Beautycounter Daily Shampoo ($22) This is a gently and mild shampoo for daily use. I like that this formula doesn’t strip the hair, it lathers well, and smells like cream soda! Love this for the kids too! Although Beautycounter has their own line of kids and baby products for safety conscious moms.

Beautycounter Body Wash ($24)- Considering this is sulfate free, it had an amazing lather and smells like orange cream soda. I like that I can use this for myself and my kids can use it too without harmful chemicals, kids washes are the worst. Companies must think moms are stupid and kids don’t care because kids shampoo/body washes are the worst culprits.

I have also tried samples of both the skincare lines and will be including those reviews later this week!


Does this line interest you? Target is making it very convenient to test out some Beautycounter products.

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