Instagram Made Me Do It. Again. I really need to stay off Instagram if I want to save some money. Becca Cosmetics is releasing two new limited edition highlighters, Rose Quartz and Bronzed Amber. The Bronzed Amber looks perfect for medium to deeper skin tones, but for my fair skin, amber sometimes cries orange. But when I saw this Rose Quartz, I thought I have to have to have it! #likeanygoodmakeupaddict

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This beauty is on sephora’s website for $38 (.25oz). It is limited edition and has already been out of stock and then restocked in the last four days. #getitifyoulikeit #becauseitwillbegone It really is such a beautiful icy pink. When purchasing this semi blindly, I had my reservations about the pink. Would it be too dark for a highlight? Would it be too peachy? Would it be the the right shade or tone to work as a highlight? I was also thinking eyeshadow on this too. Well, this little gem did not disappoint. It is the perfect neutral icy pale pink and is as smooth, buttery, and velvety as all their other highlights with no fall out or powder kick up. It is pigmented and gives you the most beautiful highlighted glow on the cheekbones or inner corner of the eye or brow bone. Let’s take a minute to drool over the packaging- a beautiful pink compact and then the inside the product is textured. If you have been hoarding highlighters, ahem, collecting them, then you will definitely want this one in your collection. #noregrets #loveit


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