My Becca x Jaclyn Hill palettes finally arrived! Please read Instagram Made Me Do It to read the back story of my craziness.

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If you know anything about Becca Cosmetics then you know they are all about quality and pigment.  Neither of these two palettes faltered in those categories! The face palette is definitely not a disappointment. In terms of the packaging, it is quite substantial and you get quite a bit of product per pan. I’m not too crazy about the top of the palette though, it’s like a white patent plastic overlay, where the eye palette is metal. This weirdo plastic tends to stick to other palettes when stored and I doubt it will stay a pretty white plastic for long but we will see #itswhatsinsidethatcounts!  The colors are so pigmented and creamy and honestly look more beautiful on the face than in the pan. This palette includes the original Champagne Pop, Prosecco Pop (both highlighters) and then Pamplemousse blush (the bright one) a satin to matte finish, Amaretto (the middle darker- nudishcolor) also a satin to matte finish, and Rose’ Pop which is more of a shimmery blush or could be used as an overlay to the other blushes. I really love all the colors and think they are wearable and good quality. #noweaklinks  I think I was most unsure about Amaretto as I am not usually drawn to that shade but Jaclyn Hill herself said she wanted to have a blush in this palette that could be neutral and go with a smoky eye, so I can’t wait to try that out.  I am also wondering if it could be used as a bronzer for those who are fair to light in complexion.  Below are my swatches with Rose’ Pop and Amaretto (L to R) as the top two and Champagne Pop, Prosecco Pop, and Pamplemousse blush on the bottom (L to R). I took pictures in two types of lighting. #sobeautiful


On to the eye palette, I love neutral eye palettes so even though critics of this palette have said this is nothing special and nothing that you can’t get elsewhere etc., I like that they are good quality, all pigmented, there is a light shade, mid tone shade, and dark shade to make a complete look. I like that it has browns and plums. I think you can do an everyday eye look with this or a glam/smokey eye look with this too. #ilikeversatility. Plus it’s Becca and their products are very good in terms of quality, pigment, and longevity on the skin. So the shades are Chardonnay (ivory/cream shimmer), Champagne Toast (bronzey/taupe shimmer), Cordial (light neutral mauve) matte, Cognac (warm mid-tone brown) matte, and Bordeaux (deep dusty plum) matte. My swatches below are in this same order (also take in two types of lighting):


If I were to make recommendations I would say the face palette is a must. If you could only get one, I would get the face palette.  I like the eye palette and and they are all colors I will use and wear but I agree that these could probably be duplicated elsewhere or even colors you already have in your stash. Although I do like how all these particular shade are put together in one palette and would be travel friendly. #notakingfivedifferentpaletteswhenitravel! What are your thoughts now that pictures of this collection are circulating?


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for a general eyeshadow post on Friday! As always click close to the bottom of the page to follow me on instagram where I post daily (mostly)!


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