I wanted to post about these lipsticks today because I believe these are the best lipsticks that the “drugstore” price range has to offer. #justmyhumbleopinion  I quote the drugstore description because these can not be found readily at all drugstores, but can be found at some Ulta stores, all Target stores, ulta.com and target.com and of course sheamoisture.com for $9.99 (but there’s almost always deals and coupons). These are everything I want in a lipstick.

I don’t know about you, but I usually find that higher end brands are better on my lips than drugstore brands from a formula standpoint. Drugstore lip products tend to irritate my lips, dry my lips out, and/or make them peel. I have had really bad luck with drugstore lip products. I don’t know what made me try these, I got mine from Target. I think I had heard some good hype about this brand and picked up a foundation, lipgloss, and a lipstick in Maple. The other products were good, the foundation will be good for Fall and Winter (very creamy, emollient, and moisturizing- heard it’s like the Tarte rainforest of the seas foundation), the lipgloss I would not purchase again just because there are a lot of other brands of glosses I like better, BUT the lipstick was AWESOME. So I went back for Tea Rose and Berry!

SheaMoisture Shea Butter Luscious Lipsticks in Berry, Tea Rose, & Maple

The really good thing about this lipstick is how creamy and nourishing it feels on the lips and not in an artificial type of way. In the, “this must really have shea butter in it” kind of way. Think MAC Cremesheen lipsticks. They are creamy and pigmented so they stay a while on the lips. They are comfortable and glide on so easily. Although they are creamy, they do hug the lips so I have not had any problems with the product traveling off my lips onto my face, no bleeding, or any rub off onto my teeth. #yuck

The second great thing about this product is there is no smell or flavor. #bonuspoints I can really hate the smell/flavor of lip products, especially drugstore- I’m looking at you L’oreal. I love that this has no smell or taste to it.

This lipstick does have a sheen since it is creamy which I like because I am not on the matte lip bandwagon. This also allows you to go without gloss if you choose, but you can easily layer a gloss on top without it feeling like you have too much gunk on your lips. #nolipring #youknowwhatimtalkingabout

The colors, to me, are so wearable and neutral.  You can see I have the berry, pink, and nude shades and they are so beautiful. Sometimes pink and nude and can be difficult colors to wear although they are some of my favorites. Pink sometimes be too light, cool toned, or bright. Nudes can be too warm (orange or brown) or washed out sometimes. I would also like to note that the colors do not have any shimmer, pearl, or glitter/sparkle to them. #alsoabonus  The colors I’m interested in trying next are Pink Tulip and Coral. Red Rose is beautiful too. I’m not much of a red lipstick wearer, but if I was I would be all over that one too! I would also like to mention that if you are deeper in skin tone or like a dark vampy lip, they color offerings there too such as Black Plum and Wild Orchid.

Packaging: the packaging is your run of the mill lipstick bullet but it does feel substantial and the lipstick feels secure when it’s closed.

Have you heard of these or even tried them? Let me know!


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I love the colours


They are so pretty- mynovemberblog 💕


I’ve never heard of these! The colors are so pretty! I def want to give them a try now 🙂



They are great Jenny, definitely worth checking out! 💄💕

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