So in addition to favorite products that I posted for January, I thought I would do something new this month and also post on products that I regretted buying as well. Just like you, I get sucked into blogs, instagram, and the new arrivals tabs (ahem- Nordstrom -ahem) and buy new products that I have heard about or have been hyped. #thehypetrap Unlike other bloggers you may read- I don’t get any free products and I am not associated with any companies. NONE. So when I have posted about something, I have bought it myself and give my honest thoughts and opinions. I think there’s a lot to say for that these days. Even I become quickly jaded by bloggers pushing new releases because they got them for free or get paid by the company.  Here are my rejects and some of them have good reviews and are sold out because they were so popular or overhyped- so I was surprised when I really disliked some of them!

  1. Jouer Highlighter Mini in Ice .07 oz for $19- You have no idea how small this is. So small. It’s like a sample size and WAY over priced at $19. I mean the full sized one is $24. I thought this would be good for my fair skin and it swatches beautifully with a prismatic/opalescent rainbow effect but when I put it on my face, I can’t see it all. This had great reviews but it was a no go for me. It just wasn’t worth the $19. FYI- this is smaller than a deluxe sample size of the Becca Skin Perfector Highlighters that retail for about $10.
  2. Too Faced SweetPeach Creamy Lip Oil in Pure Peach $19- I’m sure you are no stranger to the overhyped peach line from Too Faced. Everyone loved that Peach eye palette, so they wanted to milk it for all it was worth. I’ll admit I was excited about the eye palette being re-released because I was unable to snag it the first time, and I did purchase it along with this gloss. I like the eye palette. I don’t love this gloss. It literally adds nothing extra to my lip look. It virtually has no color. It’s sort of thick and creamy and smells like peaches. Don’t get me wrong, I like my lips to feel moisturized and I like the smell of peaches, but for the $19, this gloss just does not do it for me. I doubt this has any more oil than any other lip gloss does. It’s definitely no competition to YSL’s Volupte Tint in Oil in Peach Me Love even if it is pricier.
  3. Dior Lip Glow in Berry 006 $33- I was so excited when I saw this in my email from Sephora at the beginning of January because I really do love the coral shade of this balm. I virtually ordered it right away. Imagine my disappointment when I received my $33 lip balm and it hardly gave my lips any color at all. Honestly the shade was off for me on this one. I felt this really didn’t give me the berry look I was trying to achieve. I found the shade that it transformed into to be very light. Better off getting Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey for more pigment but same balm type texture ($17). I will be returning this Dior balm and using the Black Honey I got in my Sephora Play box instead.
  4. IT Cosmetics. IT Cosmetics gets a lot of love from me for their makeup products and since I trust them I was finally willing to get my toes wet with their moisturizer and eye cream that came in the January TSV with the new Confidence in a Compact foundation. I’m game. After trying it, I could not understand what everyone was raving about with this moisturizer- Confidence in a Cream (2 oz for $48)- especially after using the LXMI Creme du Nil for the last month. It is thick and smells like lemon pledge. Since it is thick, it is also hard to spread around on your skin. It doesn’t just melt into your skin is what I am trying to get at. Initially it feels moisturizing upon application, but when I woke up in the morning my skin felt parched and my pores were more visible. Weird. Now the weather has been kind of crazy here this month so I gave it a go a couple more times and also switched up using it in the day too. But to my dismay, I just could not get this to work. I am also going to add in the Bye Bye Under Eye Cream here because it did not feel moisturizing either. It’s thick, which is nice, but tends to just sit on top of the skin instead of sinking in and helping with dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines. This eye cream is .5 oz for $48. I do not think I would shell out $48 for this eye cream. So I’ll be returning the TSV and get the Confidence in a Compact Foundation by itself for $38 from Ulta.
  5. Wet n Wild MegaGlo Makeup Sticks in Highlight and Blush (shade Floral Majority) $3.99 each- I was really hoping to love these. I thought: what an inexpensive option to carry in my handbag for touchups. Unfortunately both of these have their own issues. The highlight looks great in the package, but it is too easily blended out and then all you are left with is sparkles/glitter on your face. ick. The blush would not have been too bad except for the horrible rancid chemical smell that it emits. double ick. I am sensitive to fragrance in products but this was a truly horrible chemical smell that had me doubting whether I should be putting it on my face to be absorbed into my skin. I’m hoping this was a bad batch but I’m not going to be buying another one to find out!

Well that wraps up everything featured in the picture. There were definitely some duds from January. Hope this month is more successful because there were definitely some pricey items on this list!




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