I Know My Makeup’s August 2017 Favorites!! Skincare Routine Edition

This month I have really been obsessed with skincare. My skin had a change this summer so whatever my routine was last summer was not working this summer. I don’t like changing my skin care a whole bunch because I have temperamental sensitive skin, but I have to make changes when stuff stops working or … Continue Reading

Blending Sponges: An Overview

Ever since getting my first beautyblender sponge, I have been on the hunt to find a cheaper alternative. I don’t even remember when I bought my first sponge, its been a long time, probably when it first came out. I think there was a holiday set with two sponges and a full sized liquid cleanser and … Continue Reading

Navy For The Eyes: My Other Makeup Secret

I mentioned when I bought the Lorac pro liquid liner on promo from ulta that using the color navy is one of my favorite ways to accent my eyes. I have brown eyes, and the navy is less harsh than black and more exciting than brown, plus it makes the whites of your eyes appear … Continue Reading

Loving Some Pink Quartz

Today I wanted to talk about Pink! Pink Quartz is the Pantone color of the year and I could not be happier because pink is one of my favorite colors to wear in fashion and makeup. I already gushed about how much I love pink blush in my 50 Shades of Blush post, but there … Continue Reading

All About Brows: My Holy Grail Brow Products and How I Do My Brows at Home

Today I’m writing this post about my favorite (Holy Grail people) brow products and my at home brow routine (with encouragement from IntoTheGloss.com / Glossier.com).  I was thinking about writing about my Anastasia Beverly Hills 5 Piece Brow Kit anyway because I could not live without that thing, especially since I started doing my brows at home. I … Continue Reading

Thank You Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit!

Thank you for effortlessly getting rid of my lady mustache! I’m 35 and have never waxed my upper lip. Ever. #iwasscared #probablylongoverdue #nobodytalksaboutthisstuff  I really do feel that women do not talk about these maintenance type of beauty rituals. Maybe it is embarrassing to put out there that you need to wax your upper lip, … Continue Reading

101 Eyeshadows: or is it Eyeshadow 101?

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the hiatus but work got in the way of my beauty blogging and then I went on vacation and then I had a week long conference- #lifegetsintheway! So here is an eyeshadow post, a post I promised 3 weeks ago #betterlatethannever. I thought I was going to do just one but … Continue Reading

My Biggest Makeup Secret: Tightlining

I first learned about tightlining in 2003 when I visited the Laura Mercier counter in my local department store.  This was a makeup revelation! #blewmymakeupmind  I like an open eye look and rarely ever put liner on my lower rim or lash line because it tends to close up the eye. I have large eyes … Continue Reading

Taking It Off

Today I’m going to discuss makeup removal, so boring I know, but oh so important. I have already mentioned about how I like performance makeup and don’t want to have to reapply in the middle of the day (things like foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, etc).  I wear waterproof or long wear makeup a lot … Continue Reading

50 Shades of Blush

This is a small sampling of the blushes that I own. Over the years I have realized that I tend to hoard similar types of makeup and those are blushes and eyeshadows (typically palettes). I probably have 50 shades of pink because that is my preferred color. Yes, I have a couple of corals and … Continue Reading