May I present the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette! This literally says in the description (which I will go into further detail down below) that this is “The 5-Minute Face On The Go.” It retails for $75 and can be found (when in stock) at,, and, When I saw this palette was coming out in spring this year I almost peed my pants. I have been needing/wanting/looking for a palette like this for a while. I will tell you why with a simple explanation: I have young kids and I work. (Even if you didn’t have kids though, if you are ever in a hurry to get anywhere like school or work, this palette would be your best friend.) I also strive for a natural look in my makeup routine and this does your whole face.

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Story Time (Pre-palette): I was doing my makeup one morning (this was about a month ago when I wasn’t in a hurry for once) and my 4 year old decided that while I was busy doing makeup in my bathroom that she would climb so she could reach the top of my (tall) dresser in my bedroom and throw down all my bottles of fragrance down onto my bed. At that point she got on my bed and began going to town spritzing herself. I’m guessing because I wasn’t there- I was in the bathroom doing my makeup. #noparentalsupervision. Then I hear screaming because in the process of dousing herself with perfume she sprayed herself in the eye. She comes running into the bathroom screaming that her eyes are burning. I do what every good mom does and I wash out her eyes with water and tell her that’s why we don’t spray perfume in our eyes -because it burns.  She smelled like a french hooker for three days. #acautionarytale. #kidsdontcareaboutyourmakeup. My six year old watched this whole thing unfold without saying a peep. #sistercode #traitor

So enough about my life and why I needed it- lets talk swatches and description. Sorry if my pics look a little dark, I’m new at the swatch thing.

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You’ll notice from the pictures on the top that this palette has numbers so these swatches are in order from 1-7. #1 eye brighten (shell pink), #2 eye enhance (warm champagne), #3 eye smoke (mid tone brown), #4 face bronze ( warm/neutral bronze), #5 cheek swish(peach/coral), #6 cheek pop (peachy pink), and #7 face highlight (ivory highlight), and yes these are actually written on the palette #foolproofpalette.  #1 is a little difficult to see because it’s the color of my arm almost.  So the three eye colors and the bronzer/contour are on my arm (1-4) and the two blushes with the highlighter are on my hand in the second picture (5-7).

The texture of these are so nice and creamy to the touch even though they are powders. Although the palette is kind of boring to look at, all the colors are pigmented and each pan of product is good quality.  That means a lot to me in a palette, I want a palette where I can use every single color.  Some of these are multitaskers too, like the highlighter can be used on face and eyes as well as the bronzer color could be used as a light/natural contour, or on the eye too. You could go wild and use the peach blush on the eyes. Nothing in this palette has glitter or anything that will stand out on the skin as something that’s not supposed to be there.  There’s also little to no fall out.  There’s a couple of matte shades such as #1 eye brightener and #3 eye smoke. The #4 face bronzer has some shimmer but it’s not perceptible on the skin. I love the shimmer in #2 the eye enhance shadow, which is like a beige champagne color.  The #7 face highlight is AWESOME because it is an ivory/cream so it’s not pink or golden like a lot of highlighters are and it is versatile. I use that on the face, my brow bone, and the inner corner of the eye. I sometimes mix #1 and #7 together for the brow bone if I want to give the matte color a little shimmer.You could do an all matte eye with this palette using just #1 and #3. We haven’t even touched on the blushes.  There are two blushes in this palette, #5 cheek swish and #6 cheek pop and the way Charlotte Tilbury says to use them is pure GENIUS I tell you.  She says use the more muted peach tone #5 cheek swish blush to sweep across the cheek and then pop the brighter peachy/pink #6 cheek pop blush on the apples of your cheeks only. It looks so natural! #charlottetilburyknowshersh** But it’s your palette and you can use them one at a time if you want too.

For me this palette has everything I want and need for the face. #nofussface. The textures and staying power are excellent. I can get this out, put it on, and finish it off with some mascara and lipgloss and be good to go and feel polished at the same time. It is the quintessential neutral palette, if your into neutral palettes, which I am.  This palette came in stock in April even though it wasn’t supposed to be out until May- so it is out of stock right now most places, but my hope is that is will be restocked and everyone can enjoy.  (I would say this palette would be best for fair to medium skin tones, but I heard a rumor that a second edition will come out with deeper colors for medium to dark skin tones.) It is a splurge at $75 and charlotte tilbury’s products tend to be on the pricier side. This palette is a great way to try several things from her if you haven’t before to see the quality, which it was for me.  This was my first time to try one of her products although I have read and heard that her stuff was good.  She is an English makeup artist and her items just became available in the US within the past year. I was not disappointed! Final verdict: Have it- Love it!

Below I am posting the description from her website to give you guys more description and detail:

The NEW! natural, glowing look in a palette enriched with, radiance-enhancing, color-correcting magic ingredients. – it’s the look that suits every woman and enhances the colors that nature has naturally blessed you with!

An all-in-one, beauty palette that EVERY WOMAN NEEDS in her beauty kit for DAY TO EVENING makeup! You don’t need to give me an hour to feel the full force of my makeup magic. Just give me 5 minutes in the wing mirror of your car and I can show you an instant, naturally gorgeous look. I have been working on this look for years and use on clients for anything from the runway to the big day. It is the perfect chic, effortless look on the go.

  • The formulas are SO easy to blend
  • The palette colors are SO harmonious
  • The format is SO easy to use and followIncluding 7 of my makeup secrets for a natural-looking You-but-Better:1. Eye Brighten: A youthful brightening eye shadow in a color correcting, brightening pale rose hue to prime the surface of the eyelid for an all day application.2. Eye Enhance: Adds a dreamy dimension to the eye lid in a natural glowing champagne shade that illuminates the eyelid.3. Eye Smoke: For softly defined eyes in a universally flattering taupe shade, that can be built up to a very natural smokey eye.4. Face Bronzer: To define the cheekbone hollows, jawline and nose shape in an all natural, all skin tone bronze color in my best-selling Filmstar Bronze & Glow formula.

    5. Cheek Swish: For a healthy, happy glow in a tea rose hue to be applied on the apple of the cheek and blended out.

    6. Cheek Pop: For a natural lit-from-within glow, an uplifting pretty pink to be applied to the apple of the cheeks.

    7. Face Highlighter: Candlelight for the skin in a candlelit shade to be applied to the outer C-section of the cheekbones, down the nose, on the bow of the lips and inner corners of the eyes.

  • STEP 1: To create the natural, polished daytime look, start by applying my Eye Brighten shade all over the lid using my Blender Brush.

    STEP 2: Then apply the Enhance shade to the outer socket and run it underneath the eye with a Smudger brush

    STEP 3: Using my Eye Smudger Brush, blend the smoke shade from the outer corner of the eye, upwards and into the socket. Then apply along the upper lashline and into the socket in a half-moon shape. Also run it along the lower lashline.

    STEP 4: Create a beautiful, sun-kissed highlight to the skin with my Face Bronze, blending it all over the face where the sun would naturally hit. You can also contour the nose by using your Blender Brush to trace down the center of the nose, under the tip and across the tip like a windscreen wiper.

    STEP 5: Apply the Cheek Swish shade along the cheekbones and blend.

    STEP 6: Apply the Cheek Pop shade onto the apples of your cheeks.

    STEP 7: Finally apply Face Highlight to the outer C-section of the cheekbones, down the nose, on the bow of the lips and inner corners of the eyes.


*No affiliate links have been used in this post, all links provided are for reference to products specifically discussed in the post.

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