If you have read my review of the Charlotte Tilbury Natural Beauty Instant Face Palette, then you know how much I was wanting an all encompassing easy 5 minute face palette. #kidsdontcareaboutyourmakeup This palette sold out so fast on beautylish.com, charlottetilbury.com and nordstrom.com it made my head spin. The makeup gods were smiling down on me when I some how was able to order this palette on backorder from Nordstrom at the very end of April and they sent it to me immediately and then it was off their website never to be seen again. So when I opened my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access catalog I almost peed my pants when I saw this Charlotte Tilbury palette (7/16/17 now on sale at charlottetilbury.com)available for the sale. I have mentioned in my nordstrom anniversary posts that I wasn’t 100% sure that this was going to be different from the original one, the colors just looked so similar online and in the catalog. I took my chances and ordered it anyway last Thursday. When it arrived yesterday I am able to confirm that is in fact different from the original!

May I introduce the Charlotte Tilbury Seductive Beauty Instant Face Palette (still available and on sale at charlottetilbury.com) also known as “the dolce vita look” on the nordstrom website ($75 & includes deluxe sample of legendary lashes mascara). It is definitely different in every color compared to the Natural Beauty Palette when swatched. When I was first looking at I thought just the eye shadows were different, but every color in this palette is just a little deeper than the original. This is perfect for those gals who thought that the original palette was too light for them. As I am pale, this is a more smokey look for me while still being neutral and natural, but I think for medium to deeper skin tones, this is your perfect natural palette. The quality of the palette still seems to be the same in terms of the the texture of the products and the pigmentation. It is hard to see the color of the highlight (7) on my hand in the pictures because it is a little deeper, it’s practically the color of my skin. If you remember from the original, all the colors are generically named and numbered. Eyes are 1. Brighten 2. Enhance 3. Smoke. Face are 4. Bronze and 7. Highlight. Cheek are 5. Swish and 6. Pop. There doesn’t appear to be any matte eyeshadows in this palette, which doesn’t bother me but it’s worth noting because a lot of people like a mix of matte and shimmer shadows. See Swatches below:


And a comparison shot of both Seductive Beauty and Natural Beauty side by side:


I think that this new palette is almost even more universal than the original/first release. This palette also includes a deluxe size of Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Lashes Mascara and is $75 as I mentioned previously up top. I was super excited for this palette and had my fingers crossed that it was different. #iwasnotdisappointed #lovedit

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