It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye was my go to concealer for under my eyes and blemishes, but it had its downsides. It’s very pigmented so it covers, but very creamy and emollient so it made my mascara smear and smudge under my eyes, and because it was creamy, it would also crease and be shiny under my eyes too. It also did not last all day, I could definitely see my dark under eye circles by the end of the day. I don’t love to set my under eye concealer with powder because I feel like the powder makes that area look dry and I feel like the product wears off faster. #weirdiknow #itsallinmyhead  The It Cosmetics is actually ok to cover blemishes as long it is set with powder, but I’m not so sure it would help the blemish go away because it’s so creamy.

This product is very popular and has several dupes like the hard candy concealer, physicians formula concealer, and the LA girl pro concealer. But we are not here to talk about those today- we are here to talk about Tarte Shape Tape (new) and compare it to Urban Decay Naked Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer. So, the point of the rant above is that I discovered Urban Decay Naked Concealer within the last few months after getting tired of the cons of the It Cosmetics and never looked back. There are so many good things about the Urban Decay and it meets all my needs and expectations for a concealer.

First: My needs and expectations of a concealer. I have hereditary dark under eye circles, redness around the nose, and the occasional blemish. I NEED a concealer everyday for my under eye area and a peach corrector #thatsawholeseparatepost. So for under my eyes I need a pigmented concealer that’s not going to crease in the fine lines under my eyes, and is not going to make my mascara transfer. This is actually a really tall order in the makeup world.  Another really popular concealer, NARS creamy concealer is a lovely consistency but is too sheer and there’s not enough coverage for me. Amazing Cosmetics is a heavy duty coverage concealer but creases. #compromises


Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Coverage Concealer (.16 oz for $28)- This concealer has been miraculously meeting all my concealer expectations! It has full coverage without feeling heavy, it’s pretty thin in consistency so it’s easy to blend and a little goes a long way. It sets by itself to a matte finish, so no need for powder or baking. It dries down so there’s no eye makeup transfer either. There’s only the tiniest bit of creasing sometimes if I have used too much.  It is exactly as described. I even bought the peach corrector in the same formula because they layer so well together with minimal creasing. #darkcirclesbegone I’ll admit I don’t have the full size in this product. I have the two mini sizes (.06 oz for $12). I initially wanted to try it without shelling out the $28 and I wanted to figure out my shade too before buying a larger size. I like the Light Neutral for under my eyes as it has a little pink to it so it helps with the dark circles and is semi brightening. The Medium Light Neutral (sorry, messed up the name in the picture) is more of my skin tone so this one is good for blemishes and any redness I get on my cheeks or around my nose/chin. I like the applicator with is like a flat paddle, the kind you would see from a lips gloss, this helps with control of application. This concealer comes in 11 shades. I’m sure you are thinking what could be better than this? If this is the holy grail of concealers, than why Tarte Shape Tape? Because when I heard that Urban Decay Naked Concealer and NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer had a baby and it was Tarte Shape Tape- I had to check it out for myself.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (.34 oz for $24)– First off the obvious, you are getting twice the product for $4 less than the other popular concealers that are out there, namely the Urban Decay that was just discussed. This is a huge concealer with a huge doe foot applicator to apply. I find that a little too much product comes out with this applicator (for just under my eye) and I have to wipe some off on the sides. #idontreallycareaboutthis The coverage on this concealer is soooo good and it is creamy so it blends really easily, but it DOES NOT crease. #alittlegoesalongway It also sets and dries down to a matte finish without needing powder/baking and this also means no mascara transfer. It is also really long wearing, so mid to end of the day your concealer looks the same as it did in the morning when you first applied it. #unheardof  I have also been playing around with putting this all over my face for foundation and it totally works as a foundation too when blended out with a brush or blending sponge. It doesn’t settle into pores or fine lines/wrinkles, stays put, doesn’t crease around the nose, and gives full or medium coverage while being creamy upon application and does not create dry patches. #alsounheardof  I have NEVER worn a concealer as a foundation. Ever. I can use what’s on the doe foot applicator to do my whole face.  Finding a shade match might be the tricky part with this concealer because there’s only 6 shades. There’s a big gap in shade range for deeper tones as well as the light shades. I got light medium but I probably need a shade between light and light medium for winter because the light was really light. My guess is that most with light to medium skin tones will fall into the light medium shade. Unfortunately, this is sold out everywhere it is currently being sold- and I had my own quest to find this over the weekend, read about my quest here.  I was fortunate to find ONE in light medium after going to three stores, something tells me other people know this is an awesome concealer too! #thecatsoutofthebag But keep checking back because it will be restocked. 🙂

Tools featured in the top picture and my favorites for concealer under the eyes: Real Techniques Domed Eye Brush from the Travel Essentials Set and Beautyblender Micro Mini sponges.

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I’m obsessed with concealer lately! I love the UD concealer already. I think I need the new tarte one! It’s been sold out at Ulta online though 🙁



Right?! It just came out at Ulta like a week ago- maybe they didn’t stock enough? Although Tarte is sold out too, there was definitely a rush on this concealer. Thanks for your comment Jenny!


ohhh i need to / want to try a tarte concealer! i use their foundation and love it, so i’m wondering how their concealers would be! great review! check out my blog for more fashion and beauty related posts!
instagarm: @sprinkleofsurprise


Just FYI Sprinkle of Surprise, I heard that many people liked this shape tape concealer better than the Rainforest of the Seas Concealer 🙂


I’ve been wanting to try out both of these! Fab post!


Thanks Molly! Hope it helped with your decision 🙂


I love the shape tape but it creases so bad for me – I suspect because I use this with a eye cream. Do you use it without an eye cream? Thanks so much!

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