I have been using CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream for the past week and it has impressed me so much I felt compelled to post about it. CoverGirl claims that this BB cream is an oil-free formula that won’t clog pores while giving you coverage to hide blemishes, even skin tone, and keep you shine free. This is marketed to those with oily skin. It says for oily skin on the package.  I do not have oily skin. I have normal to dry with a little combo in my t-zone during the summer months, but I’ve been having the problem of looking greasy, yes greasy …not glowy, at the end of the day not matter the foundation or primer. This BB is new for CoverGirl this summer and because it was for oily skin I passed it over.  I thought if it was matte and for oily skin- it would be drying for me. Last week I got adventurous and bought it and thought- what do I have to lose for $7.99? (Shopping Tip: This can be readily found at any drugstore, Ulta, Walmart, and Target.)

The exciting thing is that this BB cream fulfills ALL of CoverGirl’s claims. It has good coverage, so it evens tone and may slightly hide imperfections. The big thing is that it does indeed keep skin matte in a “I just applied my makeup” sort of way. It’s matte but not too matte, just the right amount. It’s not making the skin look dry and clinging to dry spots or peach fuzz, but it’s also got a I just set my makeup type of look. The creamy texture lends itself to great blendability and although it initially feels creamy on the skin, it dries down or sets to a matte velvety finish. To thoroughly test this out, in the name of beauty, I wore this to an amusement park last Friday when it was mid 90’s but felt like 103 F. I sweated at this place more than I have ever sweat in my life (gross- I know), and then we topped off our visit at the water park where I got drenched. When I got home I expected to look greasy with splotchy makeup running down my face- but no my makeup practically looked like I just put it on. It was crazy. #hencethispost And I’m going to throw this out there too, I like this more than Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte or Pro-Glow. #gasp #iknow

Packaging: This BB cream comes in a 1 oz squeeze tube which is fairly hygienic and easy to control. I don’t love that I can’t seem to keep the cap clean on the outside but it’s white plastic and is easy to wipe off. There are not many color choices in this product, 6 to be exact, so the range is not very big, but I will say the tone is quite good for a drugstore product (not orange) and the shades are forgiving. My shade right now in the summer is 503 (light medium) and in the winter will be 502 (light). Finding a good shade, whether high end or drugstore, is a big deal and I was able to find a shade match in this BB cream. #yay

Formula: The formula is creamy and has some substance to it- it’s not runny but it’s not thick either. It is easily blended onto the skin. It has really good coverage and I don’t feel that I need a concealer around my nose or other areas that I usually get redness like my cheeks. This formula doesn’t crease in fine lines or the folds of the nose and it’s also not streaky. It does keep you matte with a velvet type finish or demi-matte finish which is really flattering. This formula is not just for oily skin- it’s for anyone looking for a matte finish because it’s not drying at all. It does not have SPF so there’s no coying fragrance there. Right out of the tube it smells a little like paint but that diminishes and after application there is no fragrance at all. I will also say that this formula does not break me out or give me an allergic reaction. Overall, its a great formula!

Application & Wearability: You could apply this any number of ways because of its creamy texture. I’ve used fingers following up with my Artis Oval 6 brush or my beautyblender sponge. I have used a flat top brush, and I haven’t tried applying to my whole face with a makeup sponge but I’m sure it would be fine. Overall, it’s easy to apply and does not need special methods to look good. I have worn this with and without a primer and it looked good both ways. Best of all it doesn’t feel like anything is on your face. This wears for a good long time without creasing, wearing off, collecting in creases of the face, being patchy- all the while staying matte. I also want to mention that I don’t set this with anything- no powder or setting spray and it holds up very well. Sorry I don’t have an exact time period for wear, but I put my makeup on at 8 am and probably took it off at 8 pm last Friday when I went to the amusement park and it was still looking pretty good, surprisingly.

Let’s not kid ourselves, this is a foundation straight up, even though it’s touting itself as a BB cream. Usually BB creams in the US, especially drugstore, have been repackaged/rereleased tinted moisturizers with a pretty new BB name. A traditional Asian BB cream usually has some skin care type of ingredients or skin benefits to either help with breakouts or moisturize as BB stands for “Beauty Balm” and you can usually wear them on their own. This can not be worn on its own just like a normal foundation can not be worn on its own, and it also does not appear to have any beneficial skin ingredients, but it is a miracle worker.  #keepingitreal #whoknows #imnotascientist

Anyone using this and had the same or different experience? Do share in the comments!



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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on CoverGirl Clean Matte BB Cream. I’m looking for the best BB Creams I can find.

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