So I have been involved in beauty communities for a long time, looking at you circa 2005. I also have my favorite beauty blogs that I consistently follow on a daily basis, but I rarely post comments and never e-mail bloggers, etc.

I am what they call a “lurker.” Um, sounds creepy right?

Some of you may not understand this lack of involvement, but I have been more on a personal quest for knowledge and information. I love to read about what people like and what they didn’t like, new products coming out, and what I needed to stock up on like a crazy addict (sephora becca clearance sale of 2007, anyone remember this?) because it was being discontinued.  I like to be an informed consumer.

Yet, here I am on the other side, informing you and wanting to be involved and share all this knowledge that I have soaked up over the years. (OMG. how old am I talking about 2005 and 2007?)  This is a big step, and a little scary too. I hope you will find the information that I have to offer useful and I think you will because I know my makeup.  I will also use this as a platform to talk about skin care too because that’s as important as your makeup.  Please also let me know what other types of topics you would like to see discussed. Happy Reading!



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