I have purchased several new Flower Beauty products that were just released for Spring, but I’m going to break it down for you in a couple of different posts this week! First I’m going to talk about these flower embossed blushes they just came out with for Spring. That’s right ya’ll- holidays are over and now they are flooding us with new Spring releases. The beauty world is never boring! Flower Beauty- a Drew Barrymore brand, is exclusively at Walmart. In the past these products have been hits and misses for me so it’s not a go to brand for me. These new products though are almost all hits and I’m super excited to share!

First these blushes have an embossed flower much like the Milani Rose blushes. They are $8.98 (.21 oz or 6 g) each and come in 4 colors- I bought two: Warm Hibiscus and Wild Rose (the other two were Peach Primrose and Sweet Pea– more nude type shades). I would say that I don’t find $8.98 very cheap for a drugstore blush but that’s the way of drugstore beauty these days. I would have to say though that they are worth the $8.98. These blushes are so pigmented, almost a creamy powder/buttery consistency, not powdery or chalky, and I swear that the Warm Hibiscus shade is a NARS Orgasm blush dupe. Let’s remember NARS Orgasm is $30 for .16 of blush so that $8.98 is looking better and better. 😉 The packaging is clear plastic, not too substantial so don’t drop it, better than others I have tested though. There’s a nice click to the closure to assure you it will not pop open in transport or in storage.

Warm Hibiscus : Looks like a shimmery peach shade in the pan- actually a pink with a strong gold shimmer. The shimmer in this blush is perfectly done and a rarity for drugstore products. I would venture to say there’s not another blush like this in the drugstore beauty world-please comment if you know of one. It comes across as a perfect glow on the cheeks with no glitter specks to be seen. I usually stay away from peach blushes because on my skin tone they can lean orange, but since this is a pink at the heart of it all with gold- making it a warm peachy pink- it comes across as a perfect natural flush. I would say this is a shade for everyone- people who like nude, peach, or pink blush will like this shade. #anobrainerforsure

Wild Rose  : This is a matte cool pink blush that can be sheer or bold depending on how much you want to layer, but you don’t have to worry about it not showing up! I love a bright pink blush applied carefully and skillfully because I believe that it brings life and healthy color to your face while never looking muddy. Why women run around with brown/muddy cheeks I’ll never know, I mean whose cheeks turn brown or tan when you blush naturally (if you are light to medium skin tone that is)?  This is a really nice pink blush for a drugstore price tag. It can be a little difficult to find a brighter blush on the drugstore market- everything is neutralized for the masses. Brights are creeping in to mainstream with L’Oreal Paints Blush Palette, which is four quite bright blush shades- more on this to com in the future 🙂 .

You can find these little babies at Walmart or in the Flower Beauty section or Walmart.com (links above will take you directly to each shade). Like I mentioned before, there were two other shades of the nude persuasion (Peach Primrose- soft peach and Sweet Pea- maybe a muted nude rose) if that’s your jam. These two blushes that I picked up were so good, I’m tempted to get the other two! These blushes are must haves from the Flower Beauty Spring release and honestly must have blushes from the drugstore. #noregrets #lovedem


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