I wanted to do a post on the Neutrogena Pure & Free Liquid SPF 50 ($12 for 1.4 oz)because I have been loving it this past month. There are so many great things about it, but I think my favorite is that it plays well with makeup. We all know we need to wear sunscreen year round, but I think we are most reminded of this in the summer. In the summer when we are whipping out our pool and beach sunscreen or buying new sunscreens at the store, not quite remembering what was the best last year, we are reminded how greasy, smelly, and painful they can be on the face. #myfaceshouldnotbeburningfromsunscreen

I had looked at a couple of similar type products that are much more expensive liquid type sunscreens such as Benefit’s Dream Screen ($32), La Roche Posay’s tinted or untinted Anthelios Mineral Fluid SPF 50 version ($33.50), Lancome Bienfait SunScreen Fluid SPF 50 ($39), and Clarins UV Plus Multi-protection SPF 50 fluid ($42) and these all run around 1.7 oz in size.  I came across Neutrogena pure and free fluid on Ulta’s website, but actually bought it from amazon.com because it was cheaper and I had prime shipping. #ineededitintwodays  I think I was in the market for a liquid sunscreen because I didn’t want so many heavy creams on my face because that just feels pore clogging. I already do two serums, eye cream, moisturizer. Once you start adding sunscreen, primer (sometimes) and foundation, it starts to feel like a hot mess in summer. #canIgetanamen  For me this is not moisturizing enough to be used as a moisturizer/sunscreen one step, but I think if you are combo to oily you could totally get away with just wearing this as your moisturizer and sunscreen.

This liquid sunscreen is the perfect in between step and I actually use it as a primer product. This sunscreen performs beautifully as a primer.  It is not oily or greasy, but it is not siliconey either yet it has some slip and blendability. It does have a little bit of a white cast when applied but I think that it blends out fairly well and it definitely is not noticeable when makeup is applied. I also take this down my neck and decollete too. Somehow this forms a barrier on your face and fills pores while protecting your skin and keeps your makeup on all day. Makeup goes on great over it and it doesn’t ball up or oxidize. What?! #toogoodtobetrue  That’s why I had to write about it!

Pros: fragrance free, oil free, liquidy/watery consistency, mineral/physical sunscreen (#noburning), SPF 50, broad spectrum (blocks both UVA/UVB), stable sunscreen ingredients, acts as a primer for makeup, fills in pores, water resistant for 80 min just like most other sunscreens #youcouldjumpinthepool #ifyouwanted, makes my skin feel soft after application, blends well for a high SPF physical sunscreen, does not irritate my sensitive skin, does not make me break out, never feels greasy, cost effective at $11-12!

Cons: the only con about this product is that it has a very subtle white cast at first. I’m quite pale so it’s not noticeable after I blend it in and I can wear this by itself, but I have to wonder if you’re tan to deep in complexion, then I’m not sure about the white cast. I just don’t know if it would fully blend in and could be worn on its own if you have a deeper complexion. So it may not be for everyone.

Just a little sunscreen education: So Sunscreens can either be physical sunscreens with the active ingredients of titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide- these sit on top of the skin to deflect or block the suns rays. These are better for sensitive skins as they are usually less irritating and block UVA/UVB especially zinc oxide. Sunscreens can also be chemical including avobenzone, homosalate, octisalate, or oxybenzone (there are many more), which are absorbed into to the skin to absorb the suns rays. Please click this to read more about the differences!

So remember to wear your sunscreen ladies and don’t depend on your makeup such as your foundation (whether it be powder or liquid) to protect your beautiful faces from cancer and wrinkles!


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