If you checked out my Amazon Prime Luxury Beauty promo post then you know I ordered this as part of my $50 order. I was beyond disappointed in this product! I knew it was going to be small, but it was really tiny in size. The quality  of the products were questionable.

Oh it looks pretty and the stock photo plays some kind of Jedi mind trick on you, but don’t be fooled- it is horrible.  I bought medium and did not find the foundation to have much coverage. The blush was very light and had visible glitter in it. Not shimmer- GLITTER. The concealer was practically white in color (considering this is the medium) and greasy (it’s sweating in the picture). The lip products were also very light in nature, greasy and barely showed up. The brushes are pretty much unusable. The eye shadows were the only decent thing in this palette, but certainly didn’t make it worth the cost.

What?! I’ve gotta say I’m shocked. I thought Jane Iredale specialized in high quality cosmetics for sensitive skin. Come one- glitter blush!! It’s pricey too. The full sized powder foundation with case is over $50! I was so not impressed for $32. There are a lot of other makeup items I can purchase that I would love for $32. What are your experiences with this brand? Did I get a random dud? I understand that I picked up a sample set so the products may have been different than the full sized products, but it would take a lot for me to buy an expensive full sized product of hers now. Sent it back and got the bliss waxing poetic at home waxing kit instead! I’d rather try waxing at home than be caught dead in glittery blush. Sorry Jane Iredale #majorfail #didntloveit

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