Since the first week of November is pretty much complete- it’s time to share some of my favorites from October! #betterlatethannever October had a lot of newness for me, but like last month it was also a month of rediscovering products that I haven’t used in a while for various reasons. So let’s get into it!

We will start with the new! I have really been loving several new things this month- some of which I have already written reviews and I will link those for you too.


Beautyblender liner.designericon– I bought this several weeks ago when I went to get matched for the Hourglass stick foundation I planned to buy for the Sephora Sale. While I was talking with the sales associate, I asked her if she could help me with my winged eyeliner. She and I were talking, and practicing free handed and then both of us remembered the BeautyBlender Liner.Designer. I had heard mixed reviews, but decided to try it for $16. I have to say that it totally helps me achieve an even winged eyeliner look. Before I had the problem of my wings being different on each side with one being too high or too low, too short or too long. This really helps guide your liner into the correct place- I mean you have to put in the right place on each eye, which is a tiny bit of a learning curve, but overall once you have that down- winged liner is a breeze! Here is a close up picture, it is a multi sided triangle that is versatile as a mascara guard, guard against shadow fall out, aid you in a straight lipstick line, but most importantly can help you with your liner. You warm it up in your hands and it will stick to your face without disrupting your makeup. (and yes I do my eye makeup after my foundation and concealer #toeachtheirown) and then you draw your liner right up against the liner designer. This also helps give a sharp and crisp line. If you are having trouble with winged liner- I highly recommend this little baby! (new) You can order this from the Sephora Sale if you have VIBRouge (last day today) or coming up for VIB- see my info and recommendations on the Sephora Sale here!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette– I reviewed and swatched this palette soon after I received it. I am so surprised by how much I use this palette. I use it almost everyday! You can read in my review where to buy, swatches, and my favorite everyday shades! This is a really versatile palette. Definitely a monthly favorite 🙂 (new to me)


Drunk Elephant B Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel– I just wrote a review on this light moisturizer/serum last week after using it for about a month. It has been saving my transitioning skin and keeping it hydrated. If your skin is dehydrated, it’s awesome, especially coupled with a moisturizer on top. Read my review for where to buy, sets that it comes in, my thoughts and I how I use it! (new)

Now For the rediscoveries- with the help of some of the new products!


Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2 in 1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner– I have had this liquid liner for a while now, and it is my FAVORITE liquid liner for several reasons -it has a brush tip, easy to use, doesn’t seem to skip, fade, rub off, or run. Paired with my newly purchased Liner.Designer, I am re-loving this liner. I have it in ultra black and brown. Side note: I also used this to make spider webs in the corner of my daughter’s eyes for Halloween to complete her witch costume. #dontyoujustlovefreckles #sosweet Although I am not an artist, we were both pleased with how it turned out for a party on Saturday and again on Halloween night. And let me say for the record that it is not easy draw on a 7 year old’s face- she would not stop moving or talking! #excited I will also say I made the mistake of using a pencil liner to make an outline the first time (also picture), but the second time I just used liquid liner and it was a bit crisper. This spider web did not budge or smear all night- so that was impressive! Kids rub their eyes and touch their faces more and are just generally not aware of having makeup on when they do because they never wear it lol. This liner spider web looked the same at the end of the night when I removed it as when I first put it on, plus it was easily removed with makeup remover. Physicians Formula is BOGO 50% off at Ulta right now- link in the caption! (rediscovered)


IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream SPF 50– I mentioned this is in my What’s Up Wednesday – what I have been loving and the IT Cosmetics Friends and Family Sale post. I have had this before in fair and medium and could not make this work for me. In the past, it seemed thick, cakey, bad color options for my complexion, and greasy by the end of the day. It’s not moisturizing enough for me by itself. It’s one of those things that I have had laying around because I just couldn’t make it work. In October, I started experimenting with this and using it a little differently then I had before because let’s face it SPF 50 is a good thing to have in your daily makeup to fight against wrinkles and age spots. I had been mixing the Fair shade and the Medium shade together because I just happen to have those shades on hand before I bit the bullet and bought the Light shade. How I Made IT Work: After washing my face in the morning, applying my C serum, Drunk Elephant B Hydra, and eye cream- I applied this with no primer. I have been dotting it all over my face for a sheerer application and then using my Artis Elite Mirror Oval 6 Brush to blend it in. (Artis Digit Brush Collections are now available at nordstrom-get that free shipping!)  This brush is a miracle worker and is never streaky. It blends your makeup in so effortlessly and seamlessly that it looks airbrushed. Then I have been setting with either IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores pressed powder or IT Cosmetics Celebration Powder Foundation Illumination.  I like IT Cosmetics powders because they don’t have talc. For some reason talc setting powders never agree with foundation once mixed on MY skin. These powders never look/feel cakey or dry either. With a more sheer application and a light moisturizer underneath, I was really starting to love this CC Cream vs in the past. Besides the pros of the SPF 50, it does not irritate the skin or break me out. #bigplus I have more control with the shade by mixing the fair and medium, but did buy the light this month and also splurged for the mega size in the light from QVC. The light shade is not totally “light” and in these swatches actually looks the same color as the medium. I used to be fooled by that. For whatever reason, the light applies lighter than the medium on the skin then what appears in the swatches (these are fairly heavy swatches so the color can be seen). I first ordered the Illuminating CC Cream in Light, and in the swatches it does appear lighter than the original, but I will warn you that that there is a micro-glitter in the illuminating that I can see on my face in the sunlight- which I do not like. Some say they can’t tell a difference between the regular and the illuminating and I was hoping that was going to be the case, but alas it is just too “illuminating” for my taste. (FYI the Illuminating Celebration Powder Foundation is not glittery, sparkly, or glowy at all vs the CC Cream) You can purchase the CC Cream at IT CosmeticsUlta, Sephora, Beautylish, or QVC. (major rediscovery)


So that concludes my favorites for this month! Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! November is going to be a pretty exciting month with Holiday sets, Holiday Deals, and Black Friday coming up- So stay tuned 🙂 And don’t forget that IT Cosmetics will have a QVC TSV this Saturday 11/12 including the Celebration Powder Foundation Illumination and a new Spiral Brush! Too Faced will have a Today’s Special on HSN  you can see a pic and description here (scroll to the bottom). Josie Maran will also have a QVC TSV on 11/19 with body products. Also Sephora VIB Sale will start 11/11-11/14!


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