This month I have really been obsessed with skincare. My skin had a change this summer so whatever my routine was last summer was not working this summer. I don’t like changing my skin care a whole bunch because I have temperamental sensitive skin, but I have to make changes when stuff stops working or is not enough. Some things always stay the same: gentle cleanser, chemical exfoliant, and Vitamin C serum (am)- and of course, moisturizer. My skin has been pretty dry this summer so I have added in a couple of steps. Read on for my morning and evening routines as well as the products I have been using in each step. I bought and researched all these products myself for formula and efficacy, none were pr gifts or random products I had laying around- just an fyi. (also some products I talk about are missing from the picture above, but it gives you an idea of many of the things I use regularly)

AM: So my morning routine looks like this: one cleanse with a Gentle Cleanser (either First Aid Beauty Facial Cleanser or IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser, review here), Liquid Exfoliator sporadically used to prevent over exfoliation (Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic (5% Glycolic Acid) or Paula’s Choice 2% BHA), Toner (IT Cosmetics Miracle Water– LOVE, review here), Eye Cream (Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream**), Serums (Timeless Vitamin C Serum followed by the CoQ10 serum), Moisture Serum (Drunk Elephant B Hydra), Moisturizer (First Aid Beauty Facial Moisturizer), and Sunscreen (IT Cosmetics CC Spf 50, IT Cosmetics Beauty Fluid SPF 50, or Thank You Farmer Sun Essence SPF 50– Korean!), oops almost forgot lip balm too (IT Cosmetics Lip Treatment in Rose or Milani moisture lock lip oil in Almond Coco).  So yes that is a 7-8 step morning routine. To recap the order: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Tone, Eye Cream, Treatments/Serums,Moisturize, Sunscreen. I used to think a routine like this would be so many steps and would clog my pores and just be too much stuff on my face, but honestly my skin is plump and hydrated. I let this soak in and then apply my makeup. I’m not really using a cream or gel primer with this routine, but often spray on the Too Faced 3 in 1 Hangover Replenishing Spray (mini review here) as my primer. If I’m wearing the IT Cosmetics, then that is pretty much my foundation for the day.  Keep reading for my evening routine!

PM: My evening routine starts with a Double Cleanse. I used to double cleanse anyway but Pixi Beauty’s Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse makes it so easy because it’s just there in one jar and it’s miraculous. I wish they would release these separately because I just want more of each one. I love the balm- it takes off all my makeup, I wipe off with a microfiber face cloth**, then follow up with the cream cleanser, which makes your skin feel so comfortable and soft, and then rinse and follow up with the microfiber face cloth again (of course I rinsed it). My face feels clean, soft, and hydrated and neither break me out. Then I Tone with the IT Cosmetics Miracle Water. (I also Mask once to twice a week depending on my skin needs and this where I do it in the routine. It’s good to have your skin a little damp from your toner for a mask so your skin can suck it in. Then I either wash off or for a sheet mask I rub it in and carry on with  …) I usually apply my Eye Cream before my treatments and use the Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream** in the evening as well. Treatments– Every other night I switch between Sunday Riley’s Luna Oil and the Good Genes and then I use them together (as directed luna oil first then good genes) a couple of times a week. Once a week I use Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycol Night Serum by itself in the place of the Sunday Riley because it’s strong and it was expensive and I’m trying to use it up (personally, I would not repurchase).  Lastly, Moisturizer- I have recently fallen in love with Belif True Cream Moisturizing Bomb. This moisturizer hydrates like no other. I had previously tried the aqua bomb but didn’t find it very hydrating. This moisturizing bomb is no joke and can almost be doubled as your eye cream too. My skin just soaks it all in and I never even feel greasy in the morning. I had been playing around with adding some facial oils to the belif moisturizer, but that was truly too heavy for my skin right now and will be better suited for Fall/Winter. And of course lip treatment at night too! Can you tell I can’t stand my lips to be dry? To recap: Double Cleanse, Tone, (Mask), Eye Cream, Treatments/Serum/Oils/ Exfoliate with Good Genes, Moisturize. If I use a liquid exfoliator then I use that before I tone like above in the morning routine.

I just posted on my Instagram a huge Japanese skin care haul that was gifted to me from my brother’s girlfriend. My father recently visited the both of them in Japan and brought all the products back to me so you will see some reviews of these soon. It included sunscreen, sheet masks, and lots of Hada Labo- sheet masks, hydrating milks, hydrating cream, and perfect gel! I also made a recent purchase from which included some Korean skincare and beauty. I’ll also let you know how long it takes for my order to get to me. This is my first time ordering from them so we will see! I also realized after my order that I should have cross referenced with amazon because some items were on amazon with prime shipping for similar pricing and some items were even cheaper on amazon. I guess you could say I’m excited about my new asian beauty because asian beauty focuses on hydration for wrinkles and anti-aging. Many of the products have a good amount of hyaluronic acids and humectants to pull moisture into the skin in order to hydrate and plump the skin. Exactly what dry and dehydrated skin needs!


How simple or complex is your routine? Have you tried any of these products? Are you an asian skin care fanatic? Let me know your favorite products if you are because I’m a newbie lol 🙂


*not sponsored

**affiliate links only for nordstrom- bobbi brown eye cream and amazon- microfiber face cloths




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