Yes, I can’t seem to ever get my favorites together until about a week after the month is over, but I really do try to get together some things that I have been loving and feeling passionate about for the month. And let’s face it, I haven’t done one of these since February, maybe January yikes. You could say I have had a bit of a beauty drought the last couple of months where nothing new was really exciting me. The beauty world is pushing out a lot of the same or just gimmicky products that I’m just not that into. That is until July hit and now it’s a downhill spiral because some fun things are coming out in August and September is going to be the beginning of the Holiday season- yes we are already talking holiday in the beauty world!  So lets gets this started because I have quite a few things I’ve been loving.

L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara– I’m not usually a huge fan of drugstore mascaras, but this mascara is truly awesome! It definitely lives up to the hype! I don’t even have the waterproof version and it gives me full fluttery lashes with no smudging or flaking. #whatthewhat I have actually found myself reaching for this more than my Chanel de Volume #gasp. I highly recommend trying this out because it is a minimal investment. I know lots of people have been digging the waterproof version too, but report that it’s really difficult to take off. FYI- this is a Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara Dupe, but better. The brush is almost identical, but the formula of the Lash Paradise is better!

Too Faced Hangover 3-in-1 Primer & Setting Spray– Ok so Too Faced (and Tarte) is one of the biggest culprits of pushing out gimmicky products into the beauty world. They also have a huge turn over of products so as soon as you love something they have discontinued it and put out something new. So, I really didn’t want to love this, and I really didn’t think it was going to work. I got a sample from Sephora in one of my orders to try it out- and I really liked it! I can actually use this as a primer and it keeps my makeup on while hydrating and being light on the skin- I have been so dry this summer. It has just a little bit of tackiness after application to help adhere your foundation/makeup.  I have used this as a setting spray to take away any powdery-ness and it works great for that too. I’m not so sure about the setting power of this spray as far as longevity of your makeup goes. It smells nice, it’s hydrating, and feels refreshing. The sprayer on the packaging  is not the best as it is not super fine- which is ok when using it as a primer because then I use a beautyblender or my finger to sort of tap it around my face. As a setting spray, I find myself doing the same thing with the beautyblender (lightly dabbing) and praying that it doesn’t lift off my makeup or fanning my face. One of my favorite finds this month!

Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation– Where has Dior foundation been all my life? This is my first Dior foundation and I really love it, not to mention the shade in 260 Soft Almond is PERFECT for my skin tone. I love that this is medium coverage with a matte finish and has a stable SPF 35. That is pretty high for a foundation. Did I mention that this lasts ALL day!? Well it does, and while most foundations are melting off my face this time of year- this one is holding up really well. My favorite way to apply this is with on drop of my Acure Marula Oil or Drunk Elephant Marula on my brush or beautyblender sponge- it looks airbrushed, so smooth, and nondrying! I’m so excited about this find I’m already plotting my next Dior foundation purchase during the Sephora VIB/Rouge sale in a couple of months- Diorskin Airflash!

Kevyn Aucoin Contour Book The Art of Sculpting & Defining Volume 2– I recently picked this up with my Rouge giftcard after drooling over it and having it on my wishlist for over a year. It has not disappointed and I love it even more that I thought I was going to. Not only is is perfect for contouring and highlighting but it is perfect for eyes! All this palette needs is a blush and you wouldn’t need anything else! The powders is in this are so smooth and pigmented while easily being blended out. Now I just need the Making Faces Beauty Book Palettes!

It Cosmetics Anti Aging Armour Beauty Fluid SPF 50– I have also been eyeing this since it came out last summer, but was worried that it would be too dark because it is a “universal color” and it also had mixed reviews. The color works perfectly for me and I wear this when I want a no makeup day/look but want the daily sunscreen. This is exactly what I wanted it to be- a sheerer/lighter version of the It’s Your Skin But Better CC Cream. I love that product, but it has a lot of coverage for me and sometimes I just don’t want that much coverage everyday. The CC Cream also a little thick so you have be careful how you put it on- like a foundation. This beauty fluid is quite thin and you only need 2-3 drops for your whole face and it’s very easy to blend and spread around. I’m not sure how this will work for oily girls- maybe you could use this by itself. I have been dry this summer so I use this over my moisturizer and it works out great. I haven’t tried this is a primer yet- but I bet it work as a primer as well 😉

NARS x Charlotte Gainsbourg Multiple Tint in Jeanette– This is a beautiful sheer berry/pinky/red tint for lips and cheeks and unlike many other NARS Multiples- this does in fact work on lips and cheeks. Considering this looks so dark in the packaging, it really is sheer and so beautiful. This also leaves a slight stain so it lasts on the skin and lips. It is not greasy on the cheeks and does not disturb makeup underneath. It is moisturizing on the lips and I love to dab this on and then top with a gloss. I love it when products do double duty and are versatile. They really need to think about adding these multiple tints to the line. While I love this, I do need to note that this is definitely less product than a regular multiple stick for the same price so be aware. I also want to mention that I loved the lip stains from this Charlotte Gainsbourg collection too!

I also had some skincare favorites and will do a post this month on my updated skincare routine and things I’m loving. I also had a lot of makeup/skin care fails from July and will do a post on that this week so stay tuned!


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