I have known these Tom Ford Winter Soleil palettes in cool and warm were coming for a while now and I having been stalking them online because they are so beautiful, but it was only recently that I found out the price. I had some nordstrom notes from the anniversary sale and thought to myself that I would use them on one of these palettes. They feature four eyeshadows with one blush and one highlight for $155. #stickershock  Alas, I was shocked when I finally saw the price tag- although I don’t know why- Tom Ford beauty is known to be spend, but $155 for a palette?! I have heard that Tom Ford is indeed very good quality, but I can’t verify that personally. I know a lot of you beauty gurus and makeup mavens love Tom Ford so I am very tempted. I don’t own any Tom Ford and the price tag is why. I mean over $50 for a lipstick #ouch. It’s a little out of my reach when I have two kids and have a family of four to support and take care of- but then I’m not the demographic for Tom Ford beauty am I? The beauty junkie in me says “Yes, You need this for your collection!” and the mom in me says “No, Are you crazy?” But if you have had a windfall, money to burn, a gift card, you’ve been saving for a special beauty purchase- go for it because these are two beautiful palettes! #totalluxury  You can purchase at Nordstrom now as well as TomFord.com in WARM and COOL. If money were no object, I think I prefer the cool palette, I like a pink blush 🙂 To see all of the Tom Ford Winter Soleil Holiday 2016 release at Nordstrom click here. UPDATE: These are now available on Sephora.com and will be 20% for the VIB sale from 11/11-11/14. #yippee
icon Who knows my temptation might get the best of me ….


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