After seeing swatches and beauty gurus alike wearing different colors from this Anastasia Summer Lip Gloss set, and mixing colors from this set- I had to get it! #instagrammademedoit I feel that even though these glosses are called minis, they are pretty generous in size- about half the size of a regular gloss of most cosmetic companies and you get six of them for $28 and free shipping. I also don’t think there’s anything particularly summery about this set (not in a bad way)- it’s more of an all year set to me. I would also like to admit that even though Anastasia has some home run products: like her glow kits, eyeshadow singles and palettes, and contour palettes, this is the first one I have purchased that has not been a brow product. Let’s talk colors, formula, and longevity shall we!

Shades: There are 3 neutral nudes (blushing, toffee,caramel), one gorgeous shimmery pinky-nude (st. tropez) #prettymuchthereasoniboughtit, and 2 pops of color (grape jelly, tango). Since I am pretty fair- grape jelly will probably be a stretch for my comfort zone, but for me all the other colors are totally wearable for me. I will also say that mixing them together is a genius idea, or doing an ombre lip with a darker color like tango all over or mostly on the outside and then putting caramel or st. tropez mostly in the middle to tone it down. Since this set is mostly neutral I believe these colors are for year round wear and for me grape jelly and tango will mostly be Fall and Winter! I would also like to note that none of these shades have any type of extra glitter, pearl, or shimmer finish except for St. Tropez which is almost metallic but does not have any type of glitter or shimmer that gets left on your lips after your gloss wears off. #notcute #petpeeve

Formula and Longevity: The formula on these glosses are creamy and a little thicker than I’m used to in a gloss. To me these are a liquid lipstick, just glossy and not matte. #ughihatematteliquidlipstick #notonthatbandwagon #notdrinkingthekoolaid  They are in deed full coverage, pigmented, and moisturizing to the lips as seen in the pictures (well not the moisturizing part) and this keeps them on the lips a bit longer than a regular gloss, which I like (also making them more like a lipstick in my opinion). You only need one swipe to get full coverage and it hugs your lip. The deeper colors also stain the lips as they fade so they don’t disappear completely. They really do stay on the lips a decent amount of time and by decent I mean more than a couple of hours. So the formula and longevity to these are great and more than meet my expectation for a gloss.

Overall I am pleasantly pleased with this purchase, I think the price is right too at $28 for six. I’m rarely impressed with sets (i.e. holiday sets) as the colors may not all be wearable, or there are consistencies in formula and wear based on the color, so this is a winner in my opinion. I am finding that Anastasia of Beverly Hills usually does products right, anything she puts out is pretty good quality and it’s on par with competitors in price. When I trust a brand I find I’m more willing to commit to diving into other products. Her Modern Renaissance palette has been all the rage this summer on youtube and instagram and there’s a really pretty neutral palette coming out for the Holiday season (October for Cosmetics) called Master Palette by Mario. #ineedthatholidaypalette What are your thoughts on Anastasia’s products? picture below by trendmood1image


Anastasia’s site says this about the set: Six mini tubes of opaque, high-shine lip color in all-new summer shades. Use the flat, sponge-tip applicator to apply Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer Mini Lip Gloss for a multi-dimensional, highly pigmented look.

Full-coverage and glass-like shine
Non-drying formula
6 new shades:
St. Tropez – Iridescent rose gold
Tango – Crushed berry
Blushing – Soft pink
Grape Jelly – Vivid blue purple
Toffee – Light warm brown
Caramel – Soft, pink-y brown

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