This is an Instagram Made Me Do It post because I kept seeing the awesome things people were getting from  Influenster has won the battle because their marketing magic (ploy) has worked and I was influenced and I joined Influenster nation. #thissoundslikeacult  What is Influenster, you ask? Influenster is a website/app that when you review products, make lists, complete campaigns, hook up your social media- sends you free stuff in a box called a “VoxBox.”  #ilikefreestuff #justlikeeveryoneelse

Since, apparently, I lived under a rock with small children and a full time job/private practice, I had no idea this even existed. There are other options other than this that I have heard about, such as BzzAgent, but I never gave it much thought. Influenster got me when people started getting the new Hourglass Stick Foundation, marc jacobs airbrush blush, Kat Von D Lock-It new releases (concealer, powder, brushes), and Estee edit items FOR FREE. Yes people, these boxes were sent out for free! They had me at hello. #marketingploys #whocares

So I signed up last month and was figuring it out. #whynot  First off, you have a “Dashboard” under your account where you have your “Social impact”, “Snaps”, “Campaigns”, “Badges”, and “Lists”. This is what you do when you first get started- taken from (1-3).

1. Complete your profile– Check out your profile settings and share some general information about yourself so we have a stepping stone for what campaigns to pair you with. 
2. Connect your social media accounts via your dashboard’s Social Impact page
Connecting your accounts is the single most effective way to boost your Social Impact, which is a major factor in determining how likely you are to qualify for an exclusive campaign. It’s important to grant Influenster permissions when making the connection, or we won’t be able to calculate your score.
3. Snap to it– Answer some quick questions about your shopping behavior to improve your discovery experience. Answer honestly as they cannot be edited once you submit an answer.

Campaigns: You are chosen by Influenster to complete campaigns which have a theme and require to complete two or three tasks. The campaign I just completed required me to do a review of my favorite product, take a picture of my favorite product, and make a list of my classic must haves (with 5+ products). #nobiggie You also get a campaign to complete when you are chosen for a voxbox. #thefreestuff more on that later.

Badges: Unlock Expert and Lifestyle Badges by writing reviews (5 points), answering questions (5 points), and sharing on social media (3 points). Each Badge needs 100 points to be unlocked. They have also kinds of badges from Parent to Beauty to Alcohol to Fashionista, there is something for everybody.

Lists: You sometimes are required to make a list for a campaign or for contests and you get 1 social impact point every time you complete a list of your own volition. Your list can be made up of any products you want when you do them, even if they are fitting into a theme for a campaign. For example, for the backyard bash campaign I did a list of long wearing makeup for an outdoor party or cookout.

I just signed up and this was my first month to be chosen to get a VoxBox. I was really excited and surprised because, truthfully, I wanted to see if I would actually get anything from signing up and doing this. There are some specific things to do once you are chosen:

  1. You will get an e-mail saying you are on the short list and you “might” get a box. In this e-mail they will send you a link to a survey to see if you are a good fit. This survey is time sensitive so do it ASAP. At this time you give them your address for the box to be sent if you are chosen.
  2. Next you will get an e-mail that says you have been chosen and to be on the look out for your box if you are chosen. A new campaign for your box will show up on your dashboard.
  3. When you get your box you will register it and there will be instructions for what to do with your box. For example, follow a certain company on instagram, review the products in your box, complete the brand badges and voxbox badge.  (This is the part I have yet to complete). They also want you to disclose that you received these products for free for review and testing.
  4. You also have to complete these activities and another survey within a month after being chosen for the VoxBox.

I’m going to keep you guys posted on step 3 & 4. It looks pretty intense so we will see how easy it is to complete. I think the negative things that I have seen about this is how much they want you to share on social media. That bothers some people because they don’t like to spam friends and family.

What do you think? Worth the free stuff or a pain in the neck? I am interested to see what you have to do, if anything, to get the specialized boxes like the bite beauty box and Giorgio Armani beauty box they will be sending out any day now. Stay tuned to find out what is in my VoxBox and if it was worth it! If you can’t wait to find out, read this article here to see all the items in the Endless Summer VoxBox! #rememberitsfreestuff

If you haven’t signed up for this and you want to give it a whirl you can click here to sign up for Influenster.


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