I’m a pretty big fan of IT Cosmetics products and they just released a slew of new products. IT Cosmetics teased us for about a month with their big “secret” release of “secret sauce” moisturizer, but honestly I think they should have been more excited about this Miracle Water Glow Tonic because it is like liquid gold for the skin. So when I had the chance to get my hands on it and the cleanser several weeks ago I was pretty excited. I got this 1.7 oz bottle of the miracle water that came as a set when I purchased the Confidence in a Cleanser from QVC. The set is about $25 and can be found here. I am enjoying both of these so I wanted to send my opinion out into the universe for what it’s worth. Let’s get into it!

I am going to talk about the Miracle Water 3 in 1 Glow Tonic ($38) first because I love it so much. Like I mentioned, I received this 3 weeks ago and I am more that half way through the bottle using it morning and night. I have been getting anxious because it was the only product from like 50 new products that hadn’t been released yet. I am excited to say that it is finally on the it cosmetics website (and now on Sephora.com here!). I have never liked a “toner” as much as I like this one. I fall in and out of love with toners all the time and can’t commit. Sometimes I use them and sometimes I don’t. I hadn’t used one in years, but for the last year I had been using Thayer’s and wondering to myself if it actually did anything. I think the old use for a toner was to strip the skin of impurities after washing which is why a lot of them still have alcohol- a big no no for skin due to the fact that it disturbs/damages the delicate skin barrier. New age/modern Toners and Essences (they are different because of added fermented ingredients and are usually part of a Korean/Asian skin care routine) are for hydrating and to aid in the absorption of your skin care. #andIdigress

This Miracle Water claims to be your radiance booster (what? I read toner), essence, and micellar water- all in one! I don’t know about all that, but it does have “secret sauce fermented complex” in it for the essence part. #whateverthatmeans A Korean Essence would typically be used after your toner and have fermented ingredients to aid in absorption and efficacy of the products to come after. As for the claim to be a micellar water, I wouldn’t use this a micellar water to remove a whole face of makeup. Maybe if you have some stubborn/waterproof eye makeup or needed to use it in a pinch, but honestly just use a balm or oil cleanser or makeup remover to take your makeup off. I think using a bunch of this to remove your makeup would be wasteful- although you do get a massive 8.5 oz bottle for the $38. Normally micellar waters have surfactants that are not supposed to stay on your skin, but as far as I can tell this does not (if i’m wrong let me know). I sure hope not if I’m using it as a toner/essence. It’s good to note that this comes in a traditional toner type bottle where there’s a small hole where you kind of dump your toner out onto a cotton pad/ball. I really like this for what it is- a hydrating toner that is keeping my face soft, hydrated, and clear. This alone has miraculously helped with texture that I can get on my forehead and upper cheeks to where I don’t have any texture anymore. It is not sticky, tacky, or greasy/oily and it doesn’t leave a film on the skin. It absorbs quickly, is thin like a water, and has no fragrance as far as I can tell. It also feels refreshing and hydrating. I literally can’t wait to get my big bottle! Now do I think this is skin brightening and anti-aging as the claims on itcosmetics.com state? No. #letsgetreal

Confidence in a Cleanser ($28, 5 oz), in typical IT Cosmetics fashion, is being hyped as your makeup remover, cleanser, and serum in one- just no. No it is not. I think these brands think American women are lazy about our skin care and maybe we are because that’s what being shoved down our throats- all these wipes and 5 in 1 products so we only have to use one thing. Total.  Using just one or two products total is not going to give you your best skin. #justbeinghonest This is a nice cleanser. I like to use it as my second cleanse after makeup removal at night or first cleanse in the morning. I would not rely on this one product to remove your makeup and this definitely doesn’t take the place of a serum! The consistency of this product is like a gel cream- think Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple. It’s the same light yellow color too! But while Purity Made Simple dried out my skin and gave me a rash, Confidence in a Cleanser feels like it cleanses my skin without it feeling tight after, without a film that I can get from hydrating cleansers (looking at you Cerave), and it does not break me out or give me a rash. I would not say this is hydrating- it just leaves my skin feeling clean. This also has colloidal oatmeal in it which my skin really likes and is a great ingredient for sensitive skin. It does not irritate my eyes, although I have read others saying that it had irritated theirs. It does have a light lemony scent/fragrance. I think this is on par with my First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser, which is a mild cleanser that doesn’t feel like it strips my skin and leaves it clean (5 oz, $20). Would I repurchase this cleanser? I’m undecided. It depends on what my skin does this winter and how dry it is because I don’t think it’s a particularly unique product.


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Great, no nonsense review!

I don’t understand IT Cosmetics – they turn out excellent products so why the over-reach in concept/marketing?

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