I was finally able to get my hands on this elusive set through Nordstrom around the middle of November. The post announcing the release of the Jouer Holiday items was very popular here on I Know My Makeup so I thought I would give you a review and swatches too!  This Best of Nudes set, has been especially popular, and the first to sell out on Jouercosmetics.com, Dermstore.com, cultbeauty.com, beautylish.com, and nordstrom.com. Unfortunately it’s not available any more, but I’m going to do this anyway, just in case you want to see swatches because you can buy these lip colors individually! Amazon is still doing their 25$ credit with $50 luxury beauty purchase with code: BEAUTYGIFT25 and these can count towards that! Dermstore is also doing 20% off purchases with code: DSWONDER and that makes the liquid lipsticks $14.40 and the lip toppers $12.80. On a side note, if you are interested in the new Jouer Lip Topper in Frost Bite (just came out on Cyber Monday)- Dermstore has that too $16 + 20%= $12.80 with free shipping #youarewelcome


The Best of Nudes set contains 7 mini Long Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipsticks and 1 mini Lip Topper in Skinny Dip (all are 4mL or .135 oz, a regular size is .2 oz). At $36 this was a good way to try a variety of their nude shades in the liquid lipsticks and have the Skinny Dip lip topper too!  We will address the Lip Creme Liquid Lipsticks first and then move on to the Lip Topper (I caution you- not a gloss) in this review. 🙂 The 7 shades of liquid lipstick include: Terra (neutral deep ochre), Buff (warm peachy nude), Dulce De Leche (cool nude), Papaye (metallic warm peach), Noisette (warm chocolate brown), Melon (warm pink nude), Creme Brulee (warm nude). All of the shades are matte, with the exception of Papaye which is a metallic gold peach. You can also layer these, which is what I will do with the Papaye- I’m too fair to wear this on it’s own. My favorite shades from this set has to be Terra and Dulce De Leche- they would both be considered deeper nudes and a little on the pinky side. I actually like almost all the shades in this set with the exception of two- Noisette looks to brown for my personal taste and Buff is practically the color of my skin- it looked like I put concealer on my lips! #ick

Overall I think this was a great way to try the different nude shades as well as test out Jouer Liquid Lipsticks and see what the fuss is all about. As you may know, I am not a fan of liquid lipsticks- at all. I don’t like my lips to look or feel dry. #petpeeve I actually find this formula pretty comfortable. My lips have never felt chapped, peeled, or cracked from these lippies. It starts out creamy when you apply it so it’s very easy to move around your lips and apply as lightly or as heavily as you like. I like a thin layer. As it dries down, it starts to get a tacky feeling that I do not enjoy- the heavier you applied the longer it takes to dry and the longer it stays tacky. Once, dried though, it feels like you have nothing on your lips. How I apply: I start with a balm on my lips, then apply the Jouer liquid lipstick. Later on if my lips feel dry or look dry I put some gloss over it or balm mostly because I’m serious about this dry lip thing. 😉 I almost forgot to mention the heavenly smell- they all smell like a glazed doughnut or sugar cookie. Its also worth mentioning that these have no offensive taste, in fact there is no taste/flavor to these at all. #bonus I think it’s also worth discussing the size- people have been fooled by the size of the packaging, thinking they are very small ad then complaining how small their lipstick/lip topper is.  There is not a lot of excess plastic packaging on these to make them look bigger like many other lip glosses or liquid lips. For example, the $28 NARS gloss is .18 oz, the $20 Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lip is .11 oz (even smaller than than one of these minis!), $24 Smashbox Always On Liquid Lip is .13 oz (same size as one of these minis), $18 BareMinerals Gel Nude Liquid Lips are also .13 oz. It’s all about the actual measured weight- not the size of the packaging! Companies have gotten very clever by creating bigger packaging with smaller amounts of product! #besmartladies #alwayslookonthepackaging


Ok, lets move onto the Jouer Lip Topper in Skinny Dip because I am on the fence. This is an extremely popular product for Jouer and is often sold out. Skinny Dip is described as a metallic shimmering golden nude. I have actually had a full size of this product since the beginning of October and I still don’t know how I feel about and maybe because in general I’m anti-glitter. #sorry I love my products to be pearlescent, shimmery, iridescent, and even metallic- but this lip topper is straight up concentrated glitter in a semi-clear suspension. So you know what that means- when your liquid lip and lip topper wear off -you have the left over glitter all over your lips and probably surrounding area because we all know how glitter likes to travel around.  I have heard people call this a lip gloss and it is most definitely not a lip gloss. I would also venture to say that it’s not great worn on it’s own because of the dry nature and glitter situation. When I first received this I was so excited and I hurried to put it on- putting on a full “gloss” application and it look like I had smeared platinum glitter all over my lips. So this does not do well applied in a thick way- all you will be doing is adding a thick layer of glitter to your lip product. I will say there are positives about this product- for one this is a lip topper specially formulated for liquid lipsticks. This means that it is not very emollient and does not disturb/rub off your liquid lipsticks, it is a dry type of product- adding a small amount of moisture to the lips and looks best when applied in a light layer.  This product also does a good job of lightening up a lip that is coming off too dark or to highlight your lip by applying just in the middle in a light fashion. It does in deed give a metallic look to a matte liquid lipstick and that is a fun option to have if you can stand the glitter. 🙂

Do you have this lip topper and like it? Do you have any other Jouer Liquid Lipstick shades that you love? Let us know! My review and swatches of the Jouer Holiday set of the 6 Slim Creme Eye Liners for $38 will be on the blog next week!


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