Happy October! You know what that means- holiday beauty releases are going to start! The LORAC Mega Pro Palette 3 ($59) is a much anticipated palette being released online 10/2/16 at ulta.com, and lorac.com October 5th, and in stores October 7th. I was able to order mine early via Platinum Perks through Ulta and received it on Wednesday! It is just as beautiful as I had hoped it would be! Many of you have requested swatches as well as had questions about wear time on the shadows. I aim to please so here they are! I will also have a picture comparison of the Lorac Mega Pro 1 to 3 below as well as discuss application and my favorite shades. See my original post on the release info for LORAC Mega Pro 3 here.

Packaging: This palette comes housed in a white cardboard palette with rose gold writing. It has an invisible magnetic closure and a mirror inside the palette once opened. Yes the white on the inside is going to get dirty. The white on the outside is probably going to get dirty too- oh well. This does not really bother me as I don’t expect my makeup to stay pristine. I only care about what’s on the inside!

LORAC Mega Pro 3 matte swatches


Matte Shades (Top Two Rows): These swatches are the top two rows of the palette- all the matte shades. The swatches are from a single finger swipe on a primed arm (have to prime because I’m so pale you would never see the shadows- plus I always prime my eyes anyway). There are definitely some special shades in the bunch. My personal favorites are Dusty Mauve, Violet Gray, and Eggplant for a smoky plummy purple eye. Mist because it is an interesting sea foam color that is rare and I do not already own. Vintage is supposed to be matte, but it has a beautiful satin finish and it is a gorgeous taupe shade. The colors Tan and Pecan are great transition colors for your crease. I’m not into the orangey rust shades that are taking social media by storm, but if you are, this palette has that too!

LORAC Mega Pro 3 shimmer swatches

Shimmer Shades (Bottom Two Rows): The shimmery shades are just as beautiful as the matte shades. Once again the swatches are from a one finger swipe on a primed arm. If you have been looking for a white pigmented shimmer shade- Snow has you covered. My favorite shade of the shimmers is Tulle because I had no idea it would be an iridescent ballerina pink, it looks so unassuming in the packaging, but it is sooooo beautiful. This picture does not do it justice. I was excited for the Olive and it did not disappoint, although it is probably one of the messiest in the palette. Cava is also a sleeper surprise shade, looking unassuming again, but I wore this as a highlight on my cheekbones the other day and it was soooo pretty. It provided the perfect glow on the face. It’s also great for the brow bone or inner eye! I would have to say Licorice is pretty interesting too because it is a black with pink shimmer. Of course pomegranate is unique as well being metallic shimmer pink.

Overall I love this palette as much as I thought I would. This palette has a great mix of cool tones and warm tones as well as a nice range of color selection with light to mid to deep tones. It has a mix of warm/cool tone browns and pinks. It has some blue shades, purple shades, and your peach/orangey shades. All the shades, whether matte or shimmer, are smooth, almost creamy, with awesome color payoff and blend easily on the eye. The formula on these are great- not a single one of them is a miss, which has to be really hard to do with 32 eyeshadows. #myhatsofftolorac LORAC also does a good job with not repeating shades, which I appreciate. Some brands tend to churn out the same types of shades year after year- looking at you Tarte and BareMinerals! I have not had any problems with glitter or fall out. I am gentle with my palette so I have not had much powder kick up- just Olive and a little with Mist. I honestly do not use my Mega Pro 1 that much, but I think I will use this Mega Pro 3 more and it will help me rediscover the first Mega Pro. Comparison picture below.

LORAC Mega Pro 3 and 1

Application Tip: I have also seen some preliminary reviews of this palette saying it was messy and there was a lot of powder kick up. I am not heavy handed with my shadows, especially LORAC ones because they are pigmented and do not require you to dig into the shadow with your brush. Ladies, tap or lightly touch your brush into the shadows and tap off the excess, if it’s not enough- go back for more. When I do this, I have no problems with messy fall out on my face or elsewhere. #alittlegoesalongwaypeople

What are your thoughts on this palette? Do you have your internet stalker fingers ready to order?! Happy Shopping!

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I’d really love to get my hands on this palette, the shade range looks nice and neutral but also so versatile.


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