Everyone is excited in the beauty world around this time because holiday palettes and sets start being released or sneak peeked. One of the most popular Holiday palettes is the LORAC Mega Pro Palette which is twice the size of the regular Pro palettes. With 16 shimmers and 16 mattes in various shades with the awesome quality and pigmentation that LORAC offers- it’s hard to pass up 32 beautiful shadows.

UPDATE: AVAILABLE NOW! This years Mega Pro 4 palette is housed in pink packaging and will be $59 because that’s what they are every year. It will be most likely available at Ulta, Ulta.com, and Loraccosmetics.com. These photos are not that great because they were screen shots taken on Instagram. This palette will probably be released in about three weeks for Ulta Platinum members and then fully released the end of September into October.

Here are the shades and descriptions as listed on Ulta.com:

  • Cotton (white matte)
  • Cherry Blossom (blush white matte)
  • Foam (cream shimmer)
  • Unicorn (light lavender shimmer)
  • Cool Taupe (ivory matte)
  • Flamingo (pink peach matte)
  • Honey (light gold shimmer)
  • Lotus (pink mauve shimmer)
  • Sugar Cookie (cool beige matte)
  • Light Sage (pale green matte)
  • Pearl Slate (rose silver shimmer)
  • Fairytale (lavender blue shimmer)
  • Butterscotch (light tan matte)
  • Oat (cool beige matte)
  • Moss (light green shimmer)
  • Misty Mauve (warm pewter shimmer)
  • Cedar (true brown matte)
  • Blackberry (deep plum matte)
  • Steel Wool (medium silver shimmer)
  • Silver Fox (soft chrome shimmer)
  • Mocha (light brown matte)
  • Spice (brick red matte)
  • Copper Pearl (gold copper shimmer)
  • Plum (purple mauve shimmer)
  • Denim (muted navy matte)
  • Mahogany (red brown matte)
  • Peacock (deep teal shimmer)
  • Vamp (purple charcoal shimmer)
  • Shadow (dark ash matte)
  • Dark Chocolate (deep brown matte)
  • Lagoon (dark blue green shimmer)
  • Raven (soft black shimmer)

This year has definitely been the year of the Mega Pro as LORAC has re-released Mega Pro 1, 2, & 3 at different points this year. Mega Pro 1 and 3 are still available on their website here. I have 1 from when it was first released and 3 from last year and I really enjoy them. You can read my review and see swatches for Mega Pro 3 here. See below for a comparison pic of 1 and 3 as well as additional pictures of 4!  Will you cave and get Mega Pro 4? As usual, I will update as more info becomes available and with better pics as well as swatches!

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*pictures of mega pro 4 from loraccosmetics.com, instagram: trendmood1 and beautylogicblog, edited by I Know My Makeup

*pics of mega pro 1 & 3 are I Know My Makeup’s

*no affiliate links

*not sponsored

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