I received this Morphe 35OS Palette from Hautelook.com about a month and a half ago (actually on hautelook.com right now!). It was $15, but with shipping it ended up being its regular price of around $22- and was not returnable.😒 The minute I got this I instantly had buyers remorse- even if it was $22. I don’t have this feeling often, as I carefully select the products I’m going to buy as I don’t have endless funds for makeup- or anything for that matter! #ihave2kids So I really don’t like it when I have spent money on a product I don’t like and can’t return it.

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So let’s talk about this palette. The Morphe 35O has three different versions, it’s that popular. There is the original version- 35O, which has a mix of matte and shimmers, the 35OM which has the same shades as the original- all matte, and the 35OS which has the same shades as the original but all shimmer. I believe both the 35OM and 35OS sold out on morphebrushes.com this summer.  This palette has its pros and cons, but overall it was disappointing. First off the name is 35OS standing for 35 shadow shades- the color is actually Nature Glow so not sure what the O stands for (Orange?) and the S stands for shimmer. That’s right- 35 shimmery neutral shades. #shouldbeinheaven

Packaging (con): The packaging is very cheap- I mean I knew it was going to be because that’s how they keep the cost down, but it is extremely light, flimsy, and a little hard to open. There is no mirror inside. It is a flimsy black plastic with Morphe printed on the top. I wasn’t thrilled with this. I feel there are a lot of inexpensive brands out there that do a better job with packaging than this including Wet n Wild and Makeup Revolution. I would definitely be afraid to drop this.

Product/Formula (con): I just do not really like the formula of these shadows. I am not thrilled that they contain mineral oil. I should also note that my eyelids itch by the end of the day when I wear these shadows (this rarely ever happens). They feel hard pressed and are hard to pick up with a brush- they are much easier to pick up with your fingers, and look very pigmented when you do swatch them with your fingers. I have found it is easier to pat the shadows on my lid with my finger then blend with my brush to get the best color pay off. These colors also don’t always look the same as they do in the pan. They sometimes look much darker in the pan than they are on the eye. I also find that at the end of the day they look quite muddy even with a primer (I always wear an eye primer) and not at all how my eye looked when first applied.

Colors (pro and con): A lot of these colors look very much the same when I received my palette in person. I really like neutral brown shimmery shadows, so I thought this was right up my alley and would be good for Fall too. I didn’t give much thought to the orangey shades because those are not my jam, but they are very trendy right now. I guess I would have to say the colors are a pro and a con. The colors are nice, but they just didn’t need 35 of them. It feels too repetitive and since they look differently applied than in the pan, you find yourself trying to remember which ones you liked on your lid and which ones you didn’t. #mistakesaremadethisway The new smaller palettes in collaboration with Elena Gant look more promising and they are around $10.

Morphe is a brand that is all over social media and on the lips of all the famous beauty YouTubers mostly because it is affordable. They tout affordable and not so affordable brushes (hello bling brush set at $99.99) as well as affordable makeup- mostly shadows, but they also have contour, highlight, and brow palettes as well as concealers and lip creams. I have seen/read both positive and negative reviews about their stuff so I had been on the fence all Summer. When I saw Morphe on Hautelook at the beginning of August I figured I’d try it out. For the record there was some trickery of prices going on on Hautelook. Hautelook had this palette “on sale” for $15 with the original price being $39.99 at a whopping 62% off which is very appealing, except the original prices of all of the Morphe 35 Palettes are $22.99. The same for the brushes as well- you think you are getting a good deal, but they have inflated the original retail price. #beinformed I see that Morphe has also done this with some of the items on their site when those items have never been featured for that crossed out original price. While I’m on a roll, I will also say I’m highly annoyed with their shipping minimums. You have to spend $100 on cheap makeup before you can get free shipping- not a fan. Especially when one of their highest priced items is $99.99, so they are making you buy something else if you want free shipping even though you are one cent away. #shady In fact this has kept me from ordering other inexpensive items from them like brushes. If the shipping minimum was lowered to $35 that would be easier to stomach in my eyes. #spoiled #ilikefreeshipping Let’s be honest, this is not makeup you can go and test out to see if you like it (unless you live in California), so to spend $100 or have to spend extra on shipping on products you may not like and can’t return is a crap shoot. #honesty

Overall, this palette has been enough of a turn off for me that I haven’t ordered anything from Morphe. It just had too many cons for me including not liking the formula and the shadow making my lids itch- this doesn’t make me want to try any more shadows from them. Sadly, I think that Morphe has gone the way of quantity over quality. Personally, I would rather have quality. #andfreeshipping  Have you had different or similar experiences with these shadow palettes and this brand? Let me know in the comments!

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