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This was the weekend I was finally going to buy Tarte shape tape concealer after reading glowing review after glowing review, but this proved harder than I thought. On Friday, I drove 25 minutes to an Ulta that said they had it in stock online only to find out they were completely sold out (of 2 displays!). So continues my love hate relationship with Ulta.

Didn’t this just hit Ulta last week?! I didn’t want to pay shipping from Tarte and I also didn’t want to pay shipping from Ulta, so I thought surely it will be in stores by now so I can just drive there and pick it up quickly. I hate going in store to Ulta. First, none of my Ulta’s are close by so I have to drive a significant distance to get there. Second, they are always horribly stocked, that online stock info is terribly unreliable. Third, they have aweful in store customer service, I have never had someone try to go out of their way to help me or check in the back for anything.  Lastly, shopping in a makeup store with your two young children is not a picnic. They are just as excited as me to be in there and pretty much run in two different directions dropping lipsticks on the ground and touching everything #truestory, which is why I had to bribe them with lunch at Ikea (right next door). This Ulta is sold out, and not helpful and this is when I realize shape tape is not available at all- it’s sold out online on ulta.com and tartecosmetics.com- What!! Because at this point I might be willing to pay shipping to get my hands on it. How has shape tape disappeared off the face of the planet? In a week? Now I have that horrible makeup addict desperation and will stop at nothing to find it. #henceaquest I call another Ulta in the area because in case you are wondering, Tarte, in their infinite wisdom, decided to make this product exclusive to their website and Ulta of all places. They are completely sold out too. #sigh #badmood #regretnotbuyingittwoweeksago

So that was Friday, Saturday I thought I would hit up another Ulta that maybe didn’t get the same traffic as the previous one I visited and see if they had any in stock. I get up throw some clothes on, drive another 25 minutes in the opposite direction and get to the Ulta. I decide I want to get there when they open and not even bother calling- sometimes they don’t answer the phone. I breeze in, see the first display- and nothing, totally empty. I search with my eyes to see if I can find the second display- it has three concealers on it. I am feeling my heart sink because I need the most popular shade- light medium. I walk over there and the makeup gods are shining down because there is ONE light medium left. I scoop it up and go to pay, but not before trying the tester on my face to see if I’m even going to like it. It’s AMAZING. #score This is quite generous packaging for the price at .34 oz for $24. That’s almost the size of a foundation.This week I am going to review this concealer, tell you why it’s amazing, and compare it to my favorite concealer of the moment- Urban Decay Naked Concealer. I mainly use concealer under my eyes so I have some very specific concealer needs and expectations. #darkcircles

Have you been able to get your hands on this concealer? Have you been using it? Let me know in the comments!



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