I posted previously on the catalog that was released several weeks ago (see that post here), but now that early access has started, we are privy to ALL the beauty exclusives that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has to offer. I, unfortunately, was pretty disappointed this year in what they had (NO LORAC palettes at all 🙁 ), but there are still some good deals to be had. The one beauty exclusive I did buy was the YSL Nude Lip Set and it did not disappoint. I’m convinced no one makes lip products like YSL! I am only going to discuss makeup in this post with a skincare favorites post (up now!) and style post here (up now)! So let’s get into my top makeup finds, deals, and picks for this year’s sale.

As you can see I was attracted to a lot of lip products this year, lol, and those aren’t even my jam- but I did think the lip products featured offered some of the best deals. If you’re wondering how I came to pick these items- it was through items I have bought and liked, items I recognized as a good deal price wise, and I items that I want to try from the sale. Also keep in mind that these make great gifts for friends and family whether it be Holidays or birthdays.

These items are not listed in order of favorites but in the order as they appear in the images.

Chanel Moisturizing Glossimer Trio ($92)(pic 1) – This is a little pricey for gloss, but I know those of you who LOVE Chanel glossimers and for good reason- they are never sticky or tacky and have a beautiful shade range. This comes with a choice of brights or nudes set with travel case. I saw these in person in my store and the shades were beautiful in either set. If you’re a fan of these glosses, you can’t go wrong!

Charlotte Tilbury (pic 2 & 5 above) Filmstar Bronze & Blush Set ($75) / Day to Night Lipstick Set ($60) – As you guys know, I LOVE some Charlotte Tilbury products, especially her face palettes (the seductive beauty palette was a beauty exclusive last year- also now on sale at charlottetilbury.com! see here for swatches!) The Filmstar Bronze and Blush Set looks like the same shades from her natural beauty palette so I didn’t order, but if you have never tried and Charlotte Tilbury- I highly recommend this set! I really love the bronze from the natural beauty palette and use it to both bronze or to contour so it’s really versatile and I still use it all the time because it is so natural and great quality. If you want to see swatches from when I reviewed the palette last year you can click here. As for the Day to Night Lipstick set- this is a set with two lipsticks and a lip pencil with two options: hot lips nude or perfect pink. I would have bought one of these sets if I hadn’t bought the YSL! #mayhavebeenoverkillonthelipproducts

Anastasia of Beverly Hills Mini Lip Gloss Set ($28) (pic 3)- DEAL ALERT This is such a great deal! I bought the summer set last year and this happens to be the Fall set from last year. You can get this whole set of 6 glosses for less than the price of one Chanel lip gloss that I talked about above. These are a decent size for “mini”, great quality, very creamy, and very pigmented- if you want to know more about what I think see my review of the summer set here to get an idea!

YSL Lip sets ($74)(pic 4)- Finally I get to talk about my YSL lip set! These sets come in choice of nude or pink. The nude shade features a black bag, the pink set has a pink bag. These are so good I really wanted both sets! I settled on the nude. I don’t know about you, but finding a good nude lip product is tricky for my skin tone, let alone 3, so I fully prepared to return if all three shades didn’t work because for $74- all shades need to work. #nosettling And I’m happy to report that they miraculously do- all three shades are a perfect “my lips but better” nude. I also love that you get three different lip products, all full sized. I already have the Volupte Tint-in-Oil Gloss in peach me love so I knew that I loved that, which is a very moisturizing gloss stain. You also get a Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick (full color and moisturizing) and an exclusive color of the Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-in-Stick Lipstick (sheer, shiny, & moisturizing) with both sets. I swatched the pink set out in the store and the shine lipstick is not as bright as it appears in the picture- its a glossy wearable pink, and the pink rouge couture lipstick is definitely a coral pink- perfect for spring and summer! The nude shades are great all year long. Also, kudos to YSL for making a gloss stain in nude! #love This is also not a bad deal because it does in deed retail for $106- it’s like buying 2 and getting 1 free.

Jouer Liquid Lipstick Duo ($25)(pic 6)- DEAL ALERT This is also a great deal as you are getting two full sized liquid lipsticks for $25. The shades are melon and citronade rose (which you can’t buy on it’s own). These are the best liquid lipsticks if those are your thing. The price is right if you’ve wanted to try them out too! If you want to see my thought on Jouer’s liquid lips from the best of nudes set and a swatch of Melon click here. Also don’t be alarmed by how how small these will look when you get them home, the packaging is deceiving and actually have more product inside of them than most liquid lipsticks.

Round 2: Good for you if you’re still with me! If you’re like me though, you love a good beauty deal! On to picture two.

NARS Angel Pride Cheek Palette ($59) (pic 1)- This palette is soooo much prettier in person than it is in the stock photo and if I hadn’t bought the Unfiltered II palette several months ago, I probably would have bought it. It has 4 blush shades, highlight in Hot Sand and bronzer in Laguna. This is a great neutral/natural face palette. NARS also has a Mini Multiples Coffret and a Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil Set in the sale.

Hourglass Ambient Diffused Light Palette ($62)- This is a fun little face palette with setting powder, blush, and bronzer/contour. Hourglass is known for its ambient powders and this is a great way to try them out. Be forewarned that I did not get to swatch or see this in person.

Clinique Chubby Sticks Chubbette Set ($25) DEAL ALERT Who doesn’t love a Clinique Chubby Stick? No one- that’s who. These are balm type sticks that have a nice amount of color and are moisturizing- great for sensitive lips. They are awesome to throw in your purse or to travel with. You get a nice array of colors in this set and 6 mini chubby sticks. #lolatchubbette

Beautyblender air.port.pro small bag ($35) (pic 5) large bag ($35) (no pic)- This is a cute little set with two full sized beautyblender sponges, a mini solid cleanser, and a mesh bag- your choice of small or large. Beautyblenders are amazing for blending out your foundation or any cream/liquid makeup (blush or bronzer) seamlessly with an airbrushed look. When I buy a set like this I always save one of them for later so I have a back up when the first one needs to be thrown away. This is a no brainer deal if you are in need of a new beautyblender!

Dior Addicted to Nude Lip Set ($70) (pic 6)- These sets also looked very nice in person when I saw them in the store. There are two, the pic above is the nude version but there is also an Addicted to Pink Lip Set as well.

I hope you enjoyed my makeup finds! Of course I didn’t list everything- just some sets that stood out to me. Happy hunting and shopping! Stay tuned for my anniversary sale skin care picks and fashion picks– hopefully they won’t sell out before I get them out there to you! #fingerscrossed

Shop all the Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives here.

If you’re a beauty who likes a good deal- here’s all the beauty exclusives $35 and under in the sale!


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