Apparently I was on a mental vacation when NARS released their Orgasm collection last month including liquid Orgasm blush ($30, .5 oz). I really didn’t think twice about it. Ok a whole collection of Orgasm- a blush that is beautiful, but not one that I wear all the time because of the glitter and sometimes it can pull a little orange on me. #notinmytopten #iknowpeoplelovethisblush #sorrynotsorry So, I don’t know how it happened one day that all of a sudden I had a strong yearning for this blush- a need if you will. Maybe it was the high reviews, swatches etc, but it had to be mine. Of course, by two weeks ago, it was pretty much sold out everywhere. #latetotheparty #again Last week it popped back in stock at Sephora (still in stock and in store as I write this, also see very bottom of post for all online retailers that have this in stock) and I immediately ordered it.  Fast forward two days later- yay for fast shipping- and I did not regret it. Spoiler alert: this is the most beautiful blush I have ever seen and I love it! This may possibly be the most important blush purchase you will ever make. YOU NEED THIS- hunt it down beauties. I rarely get bossy about things you need on this blog, but this is an exception. Let’s talk about why (in no particular order):

  1. You get a lot of product: NARS Liquid Orgasm Blush is $30 for .5 oz. That’s a lot of blush folks. You only need the tiniest amount because it is pigmented. It comes in a pump bottle which is pretty easy to control (doesn’t squirt out too much). Some people reported problems with the packaging- it does get a little messy where it comes out but nothing that isn’t easily cleaned up. I will say, like all NARS black matte packaging, it is prone to getting dirty quickly (i.e. the cap) especially if you have any concealer or foundation left on your fingers.
  2. IT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL UNIVERSAL SHADE OF BLUSH EVER– Omg did I just internet scream that? Yes. Yes I did. This shade of blush is amazing (see swatch below). A pearlescent, glowy, shade of medium neutral pink with a gold pearl which gives it a little warmth. I love that this is such a unique shade that is virtually undupeable. Because it is so pigmented, you need very little, plus it actually shows up on your face. It gives you the most beautiful luminescent flush- you practically don’t even need a highlighter. #noglitter #justglow I think all skin tones and ages can wear this which is a massive feat for a makeup company. NARS apparently thinks this too because they have pictures of all skin tones wearing it. If you are a woman of a certain age, this is a blush that is not going to look dry on the skin or accentuate fine lines/wrinkles. I also think this is a shade of blush so natural that it could go with any eye look or lip look. #desertislandblush #ablushforall #unicornofblushes
  3. Awesome Formula: It is so easy to apply and lasts ALL day! I just put a little dot on the back of my hand (tried putting it on the brush, but it was too much blush), dip my small ELF stipple brush in it, and apply it/stipple it and then blend in small circle to the apples of my cheeks blending upwards. Easy peasy. If I want more I’ll dip the brush back in and blend again. It blends so easily and is very easy to work with on the cheek because it is sort of creamy and not super watery. Way easier to work with than other liquid types say Benefit Benetint which pretty much dries on contact because it is watery and a stain, and you constantly feel rushed to rub it around so you don’t have a blobby spot of blush on your cheek. #noclownfacesplease It’s easy to spread around, but then it dries and sets so it’s not greasy feeling like cream blushes.  When this blush sets, it lasts all day! I couldn’t believe it- it lasted almost longer than anything else on my face- still looking perfectly applied even after my sweaty workout. Also my cheeks/skin did not eat my blush, which is a problem that I have been having lately with powder blushes. The formula of this is awesome.

Overall, this blush has brought some major excitement for me at a time when I have not been interested in general recent releases. Everything is glitter shadows and matte lips lately. #notmyjam This really is a great find and clearly I highly recommend it. The price is a little steep for some, but I think it is a good investment because it will last forever. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is the only blush you would ever need in your arsenal and this is coming from someone who is a blush addict/hoarder. #iknowmyblushes There are three other shades of this liquid formula including: Torrid, Dolce Vita, and Luster. I have to say that NARS has been impressing me lately with their recent-ish releases. From the Unfiltered Cheek Palettes to the Orgasm Collection and the Charlotte Gainsbourg Collection, they have come out with a lot of products that I have either bought or are on my “to get list”. #waytogonars #winning

Places you can currently purchase NARS Liquid Orgasm:, -all shades,,  Currently sold out at and

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