Ok, I am a bonafide blush junkie. #itsofficial I especially love pink blushes as you may have read in 50 Shades of Blush which probably should have been called 50 shades of pink blush! So when I saw that NARS put out a cheek palette of 6 shades of pink blush with no Orgasm/Albatross/Laguna shades (already have ’em)- I was all about it. Not only that, but 5 of the 6 shades are limited edition (for now- you know how makeup companies are) and one (hot sand) is permanent in their extensive blush line. May I present the NARS Narsissist Unfiltered II Cheek Palette, each blush is .12 oz  and retails for $59 (available at Sephora.com and narscosmetics.com). One full sized NARS blush is .16 oz at $30, so the value of this is really good. If you do the math, this palette is equal to 4.5 full sized NARS blushes so the retail of that would be $135. I have seen several negative reviews about how small this is on Sephora- I don’t find this to be small at all and you are getting plenty of high quality product for your $60 when you look at the measurement of product. There is also an Unfiltered I, which did not initially intrigue me (because hello no pink), but spoiler alert, I was so impressed with the one I bought, I’m considering the other one now too! #ohyeahIvegotaproblem #branchingoutfrompink #maybe

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Here’s a breakdown of the shades in this palette:

Unfiltered II (left to right/top to bottom of palette):
Shades are (top) Conquest (pastel peach matte), Undefeated (pale pink shimmer), Power Play (vivid pink matte),(bottom) Hot Sand (peach champagne sheen), Fame (pink amber sheen), Candid (mauve raspberry shimmer)

Each shade is as good as the next. I like that there is a mix of matte and shimmer shades as well as warm and cool shades of pink. NARS somehow makes shimmery blushes without obvious chunks of glitter that show up on your face in natural light. Magically these blushes just show up as a “glow” even though you can see the shimmer in the pan. None of these shades are too powdery either or have a lot of kick up. I will say that a lot of these shades are quite light, although pigmented, so they may be better suited to those with fair to light medium complexions. Hot Sand is for sure a highlight shade or topper. The shade Undefeated makes a great topper as well. By “topper”, I mean you layer that shade on top of another blush to give some glow and make it a totally unique shade. You can also mix the blushes on your brush, dipping into more than one shade to make unique blush shades. The Unfiltered I palette might be more suited for all skin tones, especially those with medium to deep, as the shades are stronger and deeper than in the Unfiltered II. I am quite fair, so this palette is working for me. These are going in and out of stock but right now as I write this they are both available. See below for the picture of Unfiltered I.

Packaging: This packaging is a nice upgrade from the usual packaging. I’m not a fan of the usual black NARS packaging- it shows every smudge and finger print and the soft matte finish starts to break down and becomes tacky/sticky. yuck. This is in a sturdy hefty plastic package with a pink mirror finish on the top. It’s really pretty and won’t be a problem as it will be easy to clean off

Quality: This palette is NARS doing what it does best. I recently reviewed another blush from NARS -Impudique (read that post here) and I will reiterate what I stated in that post here. NARS does a great job with powdered face products- blush, bronzer, and highlight. NARS Orgasm blush has been a cult favorite for who knows how long, I mean I bought one 13 years ago. The blushes by NARS are great quality meaning that they are pigmented, easily blended, have great staying power on the cheek, and come in a zillion shades. #whodoesntlikevariety

Overall, I am pleased with this palette. For me it has a great variety of great quality pink blushes which I am super excited about. Since buying this in December with my Sephora Loyalty gift card, I have put this in heavy rotation. One of my favorite shades right now in winter is the last shade in Candid (raspberry shimmer shade). I also like to mix Undefeated and Power Play for a shimmery cool pink! Hot Sand makes for a very nice subdued highlight and can also be layered on top of any bright blush to make it softer. There is a lot of versatility to this palette considering it’s a palette of 6 pink blushes. #noregrets #wanttheotheronetoo


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