I mentioned when I bought the Lorac pro liquid liner on promo from ulta that using the color navy is one of my favorite ways to accent my eyes. I have brown eyes, and the navy is less harsh than black and more exciting than brown, plus it makes the whites of your eyes appear brighter. #sotheysay One of my first navy liners was the cake liner from Laura Mercier for tightlining which I mentioned in this post: My Biggest Makeup Secret: Tightlining. Using the brush and cake liner is a little high maintenance on an everyday basis for me, so today I’m talking about my favorite navy retractable/automatic liners, liquid liner, and navy mascara!

Let me mention a few caveats about my expectations of an eyeliner: The eyeliner needs to be smudge/smear/transfer proof and it does need to be waterproof because I wear contacts and my eyes can water during the day .  It also needs to stay on, not rub off or fade throughout the day. I would also like to be a pigmented navy- like a blue/black. I like it to be creamy so there’s no tugging, pulling, or skipping. I also don’t want it to irritate/itch my eyes or travel into my eyes. #nomovingaround Last month I had a really bad experience with the hard candy navy felt tip liquid liner at a work conference, where by the end of the day it had smeared all around my eye- up onto my lid and below. #sooooembarassed #thatonewentinthetrash #supposedtobeaprofessional In terms of mascara, I like a mascara that does not flake, smudge, smear above or below the eyes. I like length, separation, and volume from my mascara. I like a formula that’s not too wet or too dry. Too wet and my lashes look spidery, too dry and it doesn’t stick to my lashes. It also needs to remove easily at the end of the day. So everything counts in a mascara: the actual mascara product and the wand. #goldilocksofmascaraandliner


The products I’m mentioning today are some of my favorites for not budging and lasting all day while being a nice pigmented navy. I prefer a retractable eyeliner in general, for any color I buy. I am not very good at sharpening a pencil apparently so I like the liners I can twist up. If we are talking liquid liners, I prefer a brush tip, and that is hard to find these days. I find the brush to be more precise and the product tends to come out more evenly than a felt tip.#inmyopinion We’ll start from top to bottom in regards to the picture above:

  1. Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara in 70 Blue Night ($32)- This has been my holy grail mascara ever since I bought it in May at the buy2get1 mascara promo that Nordstrom does 2 times a year. In fact, I went back to exchange my Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes mascara (smudged/smeared) for two more chanel le volume. This mascara does everything I mentioned above making it worth every penny #inmymind. It is a pigmented blue/black so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing an obvious blue mascara, while being flake free and smudge free and it’s not even a waterproof mascara. It separates, volumizes, and lengthens your lashes, while removing easily from eyes at the end of the day. #noraccooneyes Everything about this mascara is awesome and I would recommend it in any color you fancy.
  2. LORAC Front of the Line PRO Liquid Liner in Navy ($23)- I recently got this for 50% off from ulta during a promo and was thrilled to try it because it is super hard to find a liquid eyeliner with a brush tip. There’s this new one here from Urban Decay that also has a brush tip and comes in navy- yay! #havetotryittoo I’ll be honest, I’m not too great at doing winged eyeliner, maybe you have to be an artist, or have a steady hand, or actually be able to draw a straight line #whichicant. This liner dries really fast, so it gets sticky or drags when I try to go over it again, you have to work fast with this one. This liner did not smudge or fade or transfer and it is a nice dark navy.
  3. Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Liner in Midnight Blue ($22)- This is probably the navy liner I’ve used the longest because it meets all my criteria for an eyeliner. It’s creamy and goes on easily, while giving you a minute to smudge or refine before it sets. It’s a dark matte navy and doesn’t fade or smudge or transfer during the day. I can use this to line regularly and to tight line, although it is a little thick for tightlining #imakeitwork.  One of my favorites!
  4. Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner in French Navy ($20)- This is new to my collection and I don’t why because it is awesome. Probably because I loved the Stila one so much I never gave it much thought. First off, I love that it has the sharpener in the cap so it’s sharp every time. The constant sharp point is good for tightlining and for doing a wing. The formula glides on so easily to your eyes. It’s also pigmented and doesn’t do the smudge/smear/transfer thing. It has a somewhat of a subtle metallic finish which I like because I think it makes the color interesting and it’s not super obvious on the eyes. I can tell this is going to me a holy grail navy liner.
  5. Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof 3D Liner in Neptune ($20)- I got this in a liner duo set with the French Navy from HSN (sold out) so I thought I would feature it too. This is a deep blue with black undertones and blue pearl- shimmer/glitter. I’m weary about glitter near my eyes because lets face it, the glitter falls into your eyes or travels underneath the eyes and onto your cheeks. #fallout This liner does a pretty good job of containing the shimmer in the formula and I like using this smudged on the lower lash line with the the french navy on the upper lashes. This has a little too much shimmer for me personally to put on the upper lash line and I won’t use it for tightlining because of the glimmer, but it is a really pretty blue liner!

There many other blue liners out there that I obviously didn’t mention. Other brands that also have awesome navy liners are Lancome, Bobbi Brown, MAC (especially if you like felt tip or gel or pot liners). Drugstore brands didn’t get a shout out because those brands are really lacking in the navy color department. So many things have to come together for me to like a liner and I have better luck with department store/high end then drugstore brands. If you have a drugstore brand liner in navy or know of one- let me know in the comments below!


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Those look good! I have been using the Lancome Le Stylo liner, but I want to try a couple of your suggestions and try the Navy… but no glitter for me!


Thanks Sherry! I am in agreement about the glitter 🙂

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