Last summer Physicians Formula came out with the yummiest smelling bronzer ever, like Carribean in a compact: Butter Bronzer. This December/January they came out with Butter Blushes to make a little butter face powder family. I am blush obsessed so I had to try them and I have to admit I have the Butter Bronzer from the summer in Bronze so I wanted to make a family of butter face powders- plus I got them at Rite Aid for an awesome deal. In general, I was not super impressed by the shade of the butter bronzer- everything else was good about it- the formula, the smell, the pigmentation, but the shade is a super light and I have the darkest shade in Bronze- um yeah not so dark as you can tell by the picture. This is coming from someone who is fair in complexion too. I need my bronzer to actually show up not enhance something that is already there. I’m not sure how people are raving about this or even making it work for them due the light/limited shade offerings. So enough about the bronzer- let’s get into the new blushes! UPDATE: Scroll to the bottom to see the two new shades being released at Walmart this Spring 2017- i.e. anytime now!

There are two shades of the blush: Natural Glow and Plum Rose (they are .26 oz for $12.99). These shades are also very light- similar to the bronzer. Let’s remember that I am fair- and I can wear Natural Glow as a highlighter- and I do, as well as a glowy blush topper. It’s a light peachy pink pearlescent- no glitter-shimmery/glowy blush highlighter.  The Plum Rose, however, is my new favorite matte/satin nude blush shade and this is coming from someone who loves a bright pink blush. Plum Rose is actually more like a blush than the Natural Glow. It also has enough plum/pink undertone that it doesn’t come across brown or muddy on the cheeks. So I layer them, applying Plum Rose first as my blush because it is matte and then popping a little Natural Glow on top for some well- glow. Like the bronzer, the formula is also great for the blushes- feels so buttery/smooth, no blush powder kick up, blends great, and smells great. #carribeaninacompact I have to say that the weird moon shape sponge included is pretty much useless and there’s a mirror hiding in the bottom with the sponge. Don’t include any brush or hidden mirror and lower the price- how about that Physicians Formula.

I really like Plum Rose, and that’s the one I would get if I had to pick one. Natural Glow is a fun little highlighting/glow-adding product, but you are not going to get any color from this shade. I am disappointed in the fact that these blushes and the bronzers don’t seem to be for all skin tones or any skin tones for that matter. Personally, I would like to seem some darker additions to the butter bronzer line and some pops of color or even deeper shades for the butter blushes so that everyone’s needs would be met and everyone would get to enjoy this great formula. I’m light in complexion and they are barely for my skin tone, I mean barely show up on my skin- so who are they for? Also, if they know they have a good/popular product- why put out two lackluster shades? Physicians Formula- You can do better! Overall these are good products but the shades are seriously lacking. #overhyped

As a caveat, I am a big fan of Physicians Formula as they make powders without talc and generally make some great products. I love their Eye Booster Liquid Liner, Matte Eyeshadow Quad (possibly the best matte shadows at the drugstore), and their general Bronzers and Blushes. Maybe that’s why I have some disappointment, because my expectations of the brand were not met.

UPDATE: It was just released this past weekend on Physicians Formula’s instastory that they will be releasing two more blushes with a little more color. See swatches below. Picture taken by me from Physicians Formula Instastory!  These will be at Walmart for Spring 2017. I definitely want these two new blushes! #especiallyrosypink


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