I was super excited when I got my invitation today for Play! by Sephora.  I had signed up and got on the waiting list about a month or two ago. #lostallhope  And today I got my invitation e-mail, yippee!  I used to get ipsy as a monthly box, but I kind of lost interest and accumulated a lot of products I wasn’t really interested in that just started piling up.  I also felt like I received a lot of brands from ipsy that I couldn’t go to my local drugstore, target, walmart, sephora, or department store to get if I wanted a full size or try more from the brand.

I have high hopes for Play! by Sephora. I like that it is $10 a month and that I would be able to buy a full size of the product or other items from the brand at my sephora.   As I get the monthly boxes, I will review the items and let you know what I liked and also what I would buy full size as well as if I think the box is worth the $10 at all!  Stay tuned for more on this.  In the mean time, let me know if you have tried this/already subscribed and your opinion! I have included the link in case you are lucky enough to subscribe. I recommend getting on the waitlist because hey they really have a wait list, not just a pacifier for a disappointed makeup addict. #makeupaddicttantrumsneedpacifiers So good luck!


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