*I’m updating this because the TSV has expired, but still available(8/6).

Today is the day that QVC is dealing out blardigans and blardigan accessories like crack cocaine, so you don’t have to search for my post about how much I love my Barefoot Dreams cardigans as well as my review/care of the TSV, I’m putting it right here for you! I’m also including the all the other Barefoot Dreams items and their links/items numbers here as well although they are at the bottom of the original post here: Barefoot Dreams Cardigan- You Might Need More Than One. #yourewelcome

weekend wrap: A2801843 $103
calypso vest: A280199 $86
knit beanie: A280947 $40
malibu stretch flare pants: A280209 (price not given) ?
Ombre Calypso Wrap:A285155 $92
I will keep this updated as new items show up, sometimes they hold things back for later in the day or specific shows. I don’t know, but that calypso vest is mine 🙂

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