I really love First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream. I discovered it last winter and used it head to toe. Yes- On my face too! I kept using using it on my legs this summer, it was a little heavy for the face in the warm weather, so bottom line is, I use this a lot. When I saw this year that Sephora was having a new scent called citrus vanilla and then QVC was having 3 new scents in a TSV, needless to say I was very excited. The normal size of this cream is 6 oz for $30. Here’s a comparison picture of the TSV with the original size. See below for my review!

first aid beauty ultra repair cream TSV

November 1st QVC will have a First Aid Beauty Set of 2 Ultra Repair Creams (14 oz each- a total of 28 oz) for $39.96 with optional 2 easy payments of $19.98 with FREE shipping. You don’t have to wait though- you can order it now: A287607/Auto Delivery A287885 (auto delivery gives you a shipment every 6 months with free shipping for one year). The fun thing about this TSV is that for the first time, First Aid Beauty is introducing scents for their ultra repair cream. #yay I really like it for my sensitive skin. It melts right in without feeling greasy and makes your skin feel so soft and hydrated. It kept flaky, itchy, dry skin at bay all winter long. Just the 8 oz size featured on Sephora usually runs $34, and in this TSV set you are getting 2- 14 oz (28 oz total) for $40. I am most excited to try the vanilla scent so let’s take a look at what’s being offered (off QVC’s site):

Ultra Repair Cream is a super emollient moisturizer that helps soothe dry skin, including the most stubborn flakiness and eczema. When used regularly, it provides lasting relief. Receive: (2) 14 oz. each Ultra Repair Creams in Choice of Scents (Choice of Original/Original, Original/Vanilla, Original/Grapefruit, Original/Rosemary Mint)

I like that you are getting one original and a scent of your choice because the original is good for the face or your kids faces and I would not want the scented lotion for the face. You can even pick both originals and no scent. I like the choices and the mint looks appealing too. #decisionsdecisions With these two vats of lotion, I think your skin needs would be covered for at least a year! I think that some people have confused this for a hand cream #weird, but this is definitely a body/all over head to toe lotion. Here is a price comparable set from sephora.com including only 4 oz of citrus vanilla and 4 oz. of original ultra repair cream with two lip therapy balms for $38. I think this will definitely be a must have for me! Happy Shopping Beauties!

UPDATE & Review: I received this set in Original and Vanilla. I’m going to be honest that I was afraid. Β I went to Sephora and tried the Citrus Vanilla scent, which I thought was the scent that was coming from QVC and it was terrible πŸ™ Maybe they tried to make it a unisex scent- either way it smelled like lemon pepper. It was spicy, it was sour, it was a disappointment! To my delight the QVC TSV is just Vanilla. Oh, I was so happy and relieved. This vanilla ultra repair cream is a subtle vanilla that is warm and semi-sweet. It is a very light clean scent, barely perceptible on the skin, and does not smell like cookies and baked goods. I don’t have anything against that, but sometimes I don’t like a strong lotion scents because it interferes with my fragrance/perfume. I also think about healthcare professionals and others who may not be able to wear fragrance or heavily scented lotions because of the patients or people they work with. This is perfect!

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Can you give a clue on what the tsv will be on Nov. 12th of next month re: It Cosmetics?


I’m still researching that myself Flo, but when I know I will share!! πŸ˜€πŸ’‹




Hi Flo, I have just posted all the information and item numbers for the IT Cosmetics TSV- Enjoy! πŸ™‚

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