Ok so there will be more blushes/highlighters coming out from Becca x Jaclyn Hill July 14th called Champagne Split Palettes ($38),

but there is some definite drama going on especially on Instagram. People are pissed that these split pan palettes are coming out after the champagne palette hype/frenzy. There was some major drama over the eyeshadow palette that Becca and Jaclyn Hill essentially recalled and did not release with rest of the collection in the stores because of quality control issues. People are complaining that if they had known these split pans were coming out they would have waited and not gotten the Champagne palette. I say whatever #idontlikedrama #thathyacinthcoloriscallingtome. I bought the champagne palette because it was pretty and I really don’t have anything like it so no regrets. The split pans being released in July are: 1. Champagne pop/Hyacinth blush 2. Prosecco Pop/Amaretto blush 3. Champagne Pop/flowerchild blush and 4. Prosecco Pop/Pamplemousse blush. The hyacinth blush is the really bright one and the only one I don’t have! What do you think about this release? Pissed? Excited? Surprised there’s more from Becca and Jaclyn Hill? #metoo There will also be some skin perfector sticks called Slimlights  in pearl, topaz, and champagne pop. What do you think about these new releases from Becca x Jaclyn Hill?

*pictures from trendmood1 and Jaclynhill on Instagram

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