I’m back again this week with more stash dupes! This time I have a Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Tint in Oil Dupe for “Peach Me Love” and possibly “Cherry My Cherie”, an Urban Decay Primer Potion/Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer Dupe, and a Too Faced Melted Dupe for “Chihuahua.” Like I mentioned in the first edition of stash dupes– sometimes there is a slight difference in formula, texture, or tone but the overall result is the same- essentially a dupe. We all love our highend products, but sometimes it’s worth it to find a drugstore dupe where you can! #savesomemoneygirl

ysl tint in oil dupes

Let’s start with the one I might be the most excited about! At the beginning of the summer I splurged on YSL’s Volupte Tint in Oil lipgloss at $32 in Peach Me Love. It is a lipgloss stain in a beautiful pink coral, which is a lot more flattering on me than the bright pink stains usually come in because it’s more like my natural lip color and understated. It’s pretty easy to obtain a ph or stain balm, lipstick, lipgloss in a pink- your perfect pink they say. #myperfectpinkisalwayshotpink It’s a lot harder to find other colors like peach, coral, or berry etc (still want to try E.L.F. Gotta Glow Lip Tint in Peach and Berry!- bet that peach is a dupe for my favorite Dior Addict Lip Glow in Coral #ohyes #givingawaymysecrets). Enter Hard Candy Blooming Lip Oil in Calming Peach for $6. The formula of the Hard Candy is a little thicker and stays around a little longer than the YSL, but the shade on the lips is the same and it also very moisturizing/hydrating to the lips. Even though it’s a thicker formula than the YSL, it is not sticky or goopy. The Hard Candy Blooming Lip Oil has a light herbal scent which vanishes almost immediately and there is no yucky taste or flavor to the gloss. It does go on clear and then “blooms” on the lips. These leave a nice stain behind on the lips after the gloss part wears off. Just a note that the Hard Candy Blooming Lip Oil in Zen Stawberry is also in the picture above with the Tarte Lipsurgence Skintuitive Energy Lipgloss (being discontinued). I will say the Zen Strawberry is considerably brighter than the Calming Peach and is a hot pink on the lips. I’m thinking this could be a dupe for YSL Volupte Tint in Oil in Cherry My Cherie. FYI I don’t have Cherry My Cherie to make a definitive comparison. I have only tried it on in store and it was also a bright pink on the lips. Hard Candy brand is sold at walmart and walmart.com. Considering the big price difference, it’s worth checking out!

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I already use this next dupe as well as having the pricey alternatives. I’m talking about the fact that Milani Eyshadow Primer is an awesome drugstore dupe for either Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer, both $20! Don’t get me on my soap box about eye primers! You need one!! You won’t believe how your shadow will last all day, like you just put it on, without creasing! If you’re one of those ladies with oily lids- you need an eye primer! #howmanyexclamationmarksdoIhavetouse  This will also help your eyeliner stay on too. I can’t stress how much this is an everyday, holy grail product for me. 12 years ago I used to think there has to be something that you can put on your eye that would keep your shadow on because I was a girl with oily lids, creasing eyeshadow, and only wore one color of eyeshadow- a champagne color, so the creasing would not be noticeable. #confessions   At that time I found Urban Decay Primer Potion and it changed my eyeshadow game and life forever- I could finally wear color on my lids, my shadow looked the same after work as when I put it on in the morning- I never turned back. Luckily now you have a $6 drugstore option with Milani’s Eyeshadow Primer! The formula is a tad thinner than the Urban Decay and is more like the Too Faced eye primer, but the end result is the same- eyeshadow that lasts all day without creasing. To apply- you put the tiniest amount on your finger #thetiniest #waylessthaninthepicture and rub between two fingers. Take one finger that has about half the product on it and rub it all over your lid- from lash line to under the brow. Wait a minute for it to set/dry and then apply shadow. If you are not using an eye primer- go pick up this affordable option today! #thisisapsapeople

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Last but not least we have another lip product and quite a popular one: Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Chihuahua, which is a pinky brown nude, and runs $21 for .4 oz (size above was a deluxe sample). I had mentioned in my Pink Quartz post, that this could be a dupe for the Maybelline Lip Jolts, but I could not confirm because I did not own any Too Faced Melted Lipsticks. I am happy to confirm the formulas are dupes! They are creamy, pigmented lip colors with no nasty smell or taste. I am also happy to report that I believe Too Faced Melted in Chihuahua is also similar enough to Maybelline’s Lip Jolt in Stripped Down to be a dupe, and I think I might like Stripped Down a little better because it’s a little less brown than Chihuahua. The catch with this dupe is that these have a very big size difference. The Too Faced Melted lipsticks are .4 oz at $21, where the Maybelline Lip Jolts are $7 for .21 oz. You are looking at about half the size, but for $7 you can also pick up more than one color to try. There are also coupons for Maybelline sometimes and there are also drugstore/Ulta promotions for Maybelline, where there is not for Too Faced because it is considered a prestige brand. I also recommend the shades Never Bare and Berry Naughty in the lip jolts!

So that wraps it up until next edition of stash dupes! I like that all these dupes can easily be found at your local drugstores, Walmart, Target.com, or Ulta (except Milani). You can find all three dupes at Walmart! If you think you have any dupes let me know in the comments and I’ll check it out!

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I love dupes, I myself tend to stay to drugstore products or affordable makeup because as a mother of 2, my money usually is spent on them, so when I seen your dupe for urban decay/too faced eyeshadow primers, I was like oh yay got to get me some milani, keep on posting about dupes please.

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