Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Color Wheel Blush Palette released last week, first on tarte.com (sold out), and then sephora.com. This is a palette that has been hyped up all over social media and was released as a part of Tarte’s holiday 2016 collection. It is $44 for 8 Amazonian Clay blushes and 2 Amazonian Clay highlighters. They are not full sized, but are about half the size of a regular blush. This is a good deal for the quantity, we will talk quality in a minute. Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes are much loved in the makeup community for blendability and staying power.

I was so excited for this to come out because as I alluded to in the 50 Shades of Blushes post, I may have a blush problem, I also may have a palette hoarding problem. #allegedly  Although, I am rarely excited for Tarte’s holiday releases. They are usually the same colors I already have from Tarte or inferior to the regular sized products. I will have to say though, this one caught my eye. It is exactly the same size palette and pans as my Rainforest of the Sea Kiss and Blush Palette, just double sided with no middle product or mirror (also the same size as the contour palette and the color correcting palette). There is a permanent clear plastic divider to protect each side of the palette. The packaging is gorgeous, no doubt- with purple and white swirls on top of a mirrored gold case. The packaging is also substantial with a secure feeling/sounding closure.

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As pretty as this looks inside and out, I have my doubts about quality. I’m still playing with this, but my first impression was disappointment. While there was not a lot of powder kick up, I found the colors to look dry, chalky, patchy, hard, and flaky (especially “culture”), and just not very pigmented upon swatching. You’ll see below, I kept the colors on my fingers because I was afraid you would not be able to see the blush once swatched out on my hand. The funny thing is with all this going on – these blushes still go on the face soft and beautiful. #puzzling The worst culprit though was the highlight color “crafty”, which could have made this palette (also one bronzer would have been nice).  It is terrible- as this particular shade has virtually no pigment and is difficult to pick up on your brush as well as swatching. What was the point of putting that in there if it sucked? #justbeinghonest  One side of the palette is supposed to be cool toned and one side is supposed to be warm toned. I don’t necessarily find this to be true as the cool/warm tone blushes are mixed throughout. I do find one half to be brighter and more suited for spring/summer while the other side is more muted, suited for fall/winter. My opinion is still on the fence and I am waffling on whether this is a keeper or not. I like all the colors to be useable and consistent in a palette. Some of these shades also look very similar on the cheeks vs the cream palette where every shade is different. On a positive note, I like the range of colors that are in the palette and in my opinion there are colors for all seasons and all eye looks.

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Ok I changed my my mind and did do arm swatches for you- the highlighters in general are disappointing. “Surreal” also has a disappointing swatch considering how pigmented it looks in the pan. These swatches aren’t primed with anything, and I did the best with lighting I have #gloomyday #sorry 😔 Even then you can tell these blushes are lacking something. I received this the same time as my Marc Jacobs Object of Desire palette- which is so awesome in regards to quality and quantity. Imagine my disappointment swatching this after that!

Let’s see what Sephora.com has to say:

What it is:
An exclusive, double-sided cheek palette with 10 blush and highlight shades.

What it does:
Color your way to the perfect glow with this custom blush and highlighter palette. It features 10 deluxe, limited-edition blushes in mattes, lusters, and two micro-pearlescent highlighters—all in one complexion-enhancing palette. With its dual-sided design, it curates five warm and five cool shades so you can mix and match with your cheek wardrobe to create the perfect, custom look. The neutral and bold, universal shades spotlight a variety of complexions with a built-in cover for mess-free portability. Powered by tarte’s long-wearing Amazonian clay, the iconic, bestselling formula balances and replenishes skin for 12 hours of fade-free, ultra-pigmented wear.

This palette contains:
– 10 x 0.084 oz/ 2.38 g Blush in Deco (poppy pink), Mod (peach coral), Idol (nude shimmer), Culture (coral shimmer), Surreal (hot pink), Concept (pink nude), Icon (dusty rose), Montage (pink mauve), Ironic (berry rose), Crafty (pale pink shimmer)


What do you think? Worth checking out? Worth collecting? The jury is out- I’m not singing its praises, but I’m also not saying the whole thing is terrible. You decide ladies. Trust me, this is such a lovely well thought out palette with the dual sides, I wish I was singing it’s praises!

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