Thank you for effortlessly getting rid of my lady mustache! I’m 35 and have never waxed my upper lip. Ever. #iwasscared #probablylongoverdue #nobodytalksaboutthisstuff  I really do feel that women do not talk about these maintenance type of beauty rituals. Maybe it is embarrassing to put out there that you need to wax your upper lip, or the sides of your face, or your chin. But talking about it, I think, lets other women know that it’s ok, that it’s normal to do these things, that we are not all perfect and we have hair even though society tells us that we shouldn’t. #thatsmyfeministside #empowerment

I came to the conclusion that I needed to wax my upper lip within the last couple of months. The hair had started to grow longer and some had started to get darker in color, not just blonde. I had been tweezing some of those out before, but now it was like an explosion of unwanted hair on my upper lip. I could have gone to the salon to wax it, but that situation is not as easy as it had been before kids and where would I go that I trusted? Where my lip wouldn’t get burned or my skin ripped off? #nobodytalkaboutthateither.  One of the main reasons I’m writing this post today is because I scoured the internet for people’s at home waxing experiences with this product or any product and it was pretty hard to come by.  What I really wanted to find was a youtube video of someone using this bliss kit to wax their upper lip- all I could find was eyebrows and armpits. I will say I chose this kit over cheapy wax strips/hair removal creams because it had great reviews and no one reported that their skin had been ripped off or that they had a horrible reaction to the product. #senstiveskinhere

As many of you know I hated that Jane Iredale kit and when I went online to return it to Amazon they let me exchange it and I did. I exchanged it for the bliss poetic waxing at home waxing kit, what made me even happier was that they had it for $36 instead of the retail $48 (still $36 right now on amazon by the way!).  I got this last Thursday and it took me three whole days to finally put my big girl panties on and do this on Sunday morning. Now I know what waxing feels like, up until recently I  got my brows waxed for the last 15 years (now I do it myself with tweezing). The upper lip, in my opinion, is a much more sensitive area. And now me and my big girl panties are going to tell you about this experience of waxing my lady mustache at home!

Sunday morning I opened my kit and I got out the two little bottles of “super cleanse” and “pre/post wax oil” as well as the smallest waxing stick and the big blue cup of wax. As I was putting the cup of wax into the microwave, my husband asked “what is that?!” To which I replied “wax, I’m gonna wax my lady mustache off” and he said “I didn’t know you had one.” And I thought a couple of things about that, first was how sweet, then- why am I doing this then?,  and waxing is even scarier to men then to women, finally how naive he was. So I was warming up the wax in 30 second intervals just as the directions said, they said it would take 5-6 30 second intervals the first time, and I found that to be true. During the last two intervals I used the super cleanse to clean the upper lip and then applied a light layer of the oil. Even though these bottles are small I think they will last for quite awhile because you don’t need much. Then I checked my wax, and it was a honey consistency (in the middle, the outer part was still hard) and then I tried on my inner arm to make sure it wasn’t too hot. When I ripped off the wax from my arm it felt like a band aid, not too bad I thought. You need to know that this particular kit/wax does not need any paper strips, you just put the wax on and then rip it off after it becomes tacky to the touch. So as in the instructions, I put a little wax on going the opposite direction of the hair on my upper lip, everything is going ok so far I thought. But I think I left the wax on a little long because it did not rip off in one strip, I had to rip it off chunk by chunk, #ouch but it still effectively removed the hair without too much irritation. The other side I did not leave it on as long and by long I mean like 20 seconds, instead I ripped it off after like 8 seconds and it came off smoothly in one strip. Then I did the upper middle part, and by this time I’m a pro. When I’m done I used the pre cleanse and oil again. My upper lip was red from being waxed because that’s what happens to my skin when it’s waxed, but it went away fairly quickly and my lip is so smooth! #yay #nothingtobescaredof

I have to say that my experience with this kit and waxing at home was positive, relatively easy, and fast. Yes there were a couple of extra steps besides putting a wax strip on my face but I also felt confident that I wouldn’t have any injuries with the addition of these steps. I used so little wax from this kit. With the amount that comes in the cup, this will last me a lifetime if i’m only using it for small areas. The things that I liked about the kit was that it came with everything I needed to make it a spa like experience, such as the sticks, and the pre cleanse and pre/post waxing oil. The oil especially because that’s what prevents the wax from ripping your skin off. I think next time I will figure out a way/research how to get the wax off the stick- that was my only issue after waxing.  Besides ($36), you can also get this kit at,,,, and for $48.

Please share down below if you have any waxing/hair removal secrets! Do share, because I’m pretty much a novice!

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I don’t know much about waxing myself (other than I usually have someone else do it for me) so thanks for sharing!


Thanks for commenting simplyhealthylifeblog! I agree, I waxing can be intimidating if you are thinking about doing it yourself! Wanted to share my positive experience 🙂

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