So there was that time, earlier this week, that I went to CVS and went a little crazy in the L’oreal section. I mean it didn’t look crazy, I only picked up five things. When I got to the checkout and it was $55, I almost passed out. #someonegetthesmellingsalts We will also ignore that I bought two of the same blush color on accident. #howdidInotnotice #inahurry So let my drugstore experience be a lesson in needing a coupon or some kind of buy one get one. Let it also be a lesson that drugstore makeup is not always cheaper or a better deal than high end makeup or sephora type brands. It helps put these holiday sets into perspective, at least for me. For the price of the three eyeshadows and two blushes from the drugstore, you can get three whole palettes from Too Faced with 18 eyeshadows and three blushes, oh and don’t forget the deluxe/travel sized better than sex mascara. Too Faced is looking liking the better deal right now. I thought so too, so I returned my impulsive L’oreal haul and ordered the Too Faced Grand Cafe Hotel palette set. The Loreal stuff I picked up is good, don’t get me wrong, legendary even in the makeup world (at least those eyeshadows are- dupes for MAC pigments), but they will be there long after the holiday season is over, where the Too Faced set will not. Granted some holiday items will disappoint, looking at you Tarte Color Wheel Blush Palette (more on that in another post), and some will be a great deal. I am hoping that Too Faced didn’t skimp on quality just for the holidays and will be a great deal, it can happen #tarte. You can get the Too Faced set at both too and


What are some of the holiday sets that you have been coveting? Don’t worry reviews on both this Too Faced set and the Tarte Color Wheel Blush Palette are soon to come!

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Do you think these would be easy or worth it to de-pot? It seems like a lot of packaging and my drawers are getting stuffed!


Hi Jude! Do you mean the L’Oréal or the Too Faced- just wanted to clarify 😊

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