Before the Nordstrom Anniversary sale goes public on Friday, I wanted to highlight these little gems that are $18.

Picture Number 1 is Enchanting Elegance (online only) which includes 6 shadows (4 matte, 2 shimmer), 1 highlight, and 2 blushes (1 shimmer, 1 satin- although I think this middle shade that they are calling a blush could be highlighter for deeper skin tones or a topper for your blush, its kinda light). This palette is cooler in tones than its sister. From Nordstroms site:

Inspired by elegant floral prints on the runway, the Enchanting Elegance Eye & Cheek Palette by LORAC features six universally flattering matte and shimmer eyeshadows, a shimmer highlighter and two satin blushes. It’s everything you need to create beautiful, sophisticated and captivating looks.

Palette includes:

– 6 Eyeshadows – Cream (Matte), Light Brown (Shimmer), Dark Brown (Matte), Light Grey/Purple (Matte), Light Blue (Shimmer), Black (Matte) (0.22 oz.)

– Light Cream Highlighter (Shimmer) (0.08 oz.)

– 2 Blushes – Light Pink/Purple (Satin) and Fuchsia (Satin) (0.18 oz.)

  • Fragrance-free; oil-free; silicone-free; phthalate-free; sulfate-free; paraben-free; petrochemical-free; gluten-free.
  • By LORAC.

Picture Number 2 is Refined Romance also includes 6 shadows (2 matte, 4 shimmer), 2 highlight and 1 blush. This palette is warmer in tone. From Nordstrom’s site:

Inspired by the romantic floral prints on the runway, the Refined Romance Eye & Cheek Palette features six nude-toned matte and shimmer eyeshadows, two shimmer highlighters and one matte blush so that you have everything you need to create soft, refined, romantic looks.

Palette includes:

– 6 Eyeshadows with shades in Ivory Shimmer, Gold Shimmer, Burgundy/Brown Shimmer, Light Rose/Taupe Matte, Light Purple Shimmer and Burgundy/Brown Matte (0.22 oz. each)

– 2 Shimmer Highlighters with shades in Cream Shimmer and Light Pink Shimmer (0.17 oz. each)

– Matte Blush in Rose Matte (0.09 oz.)

  • Fragrance-free; oil-free; silicone-free; phthalate-free; sulfate-free; paraben-free; petrochemical-free.
  • Gluten-free.
  • By LORAC.

The quality of both these palettes are surprisingly good for the $18, I mean come on the new revlon palettes that were released in drugstores are $18! #wayoverpriced #whodoyouthinkyouarerevlon For me LORAC is a respected brand with good quality products so their nordstrom anniversary palettes are a no brainer. I have gotten one for the last three years- they were eye palettes for $15. #littleknownsecret I like that they made it a full face palette for only $18 this year because it’s something a little different and not something I already have from them. I love that you can get both palettes and they are not like each other at all so you are not getting repeats in shades and you are also getting one cool tone palette and one warm tone palette respectively. Or if you know you just like warm tones or just cool tones, you can just get the one palette. Jump on these, one of the cheapest #nsale beauty items and worth every penny!!

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I love Lorac, so I’m definitely going to have to check these out at the sale! Fab post!


Thanks Molly!I’m wearing the “enchanted elegance” today for eyes and face and I’m loving the colors!

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