These two Wet N Wild Au Naturel Palettes are two little gems from walmart (also They have 10 creamy shades and are only $5.69 ( $6.99 at The Rosy/Berry colored palette is called “Nude Awakening” and the neutral/nude palette is called “Bare Necessities” (sold at right now but I found it easily in the store).

Nude Awakening

These are very similar in formula to the color icon trios that are so good that I described and talked about in my 101 Eyeshadow Post. Creamy, pigmented, and smooth, these are a solid buy at a drugstore steal of a price. There’s only one shade out of the twenty that was flaky and chunky (difficult to work with) and may work better with fingers and that is the #2 shade from the Nude Awakening palette (see above). These palettes have a mix of shimmer and matte shades. Nude Awakening has more matte shades (5 total- #1, #6, #7, #9, & #10) than the Bare Necessities palette (only 2-#7 & #8 ).   I feel, for me, the Bare Necessities palette is an all season or any time palette, where the Nude Awakening palette will be more for Fall/Winter/Special Occasion/Going Out at Night because it’s deeper. You can not go wrong with these palettes for the price!

Bare Necessities


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Ooh they’re such nice colours! Please can you check out my blog if you get the chance?x


Thanks typicalteenager76! 💋

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