What’s up Wednesday! Hello Everyone and if you haven’t been here since last month for What’s up Wednesday, welcome to the new I Know My Makeup! If you like, please subscribe or like on Facebook, or follow on Instagram and don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY before you leave (only 2 days left)- it’s not complicated and you have the chance to win ALL the awesome makeup items featured above (13 to be exact)!

1. What we’re eating this week– Left over birthday cake – the epitomy of health! Target bakery really does the best doll cakes. My youngest daughter wanted an Ever After High Doll Cake and the cake decorator did a beautiful job!

Birthday Cake

2. What I’m reminiscing about– Birthdays with my mom, our birthdays were 3 days apart and we used to go out to lunch together. Now I get to share that with my daughter, whose birthday is the day after mine, and I also miss a time when my whole family could get together for birthdays (my brother is currently in Japan!).

3. What I’m loving– My new blog! Blogerize was gracious enough to bestow upon me a new theme/design for my blog. In honor of my beauteous new blog, as mentioned above, I’m doing a huge giveaway now through Friday 9/30 please enter here for details (same link as above)! Holy crap-  also new holiday beauty releases- they are earlier than ever this year! And my new rose gold iPhone 7 (bday present)- I had an iPhone 5 previously, so for me this is a step up.

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4. What we’ve been up to– School, spelling tests, and homework. Hiking (ok one hike and I wasn’t there), family birthday parties and planning a birthday party! We are in the full swing of our busy school schedule, including extra curricular’s like gymnastics, science after school, plus family time- we are busy.

5. What I’m dreading– luckily nothing right now! #knockonwood

6. What I’m working on– We made over my youngest daughter’s room and put in a loft bed, which has seamlessly transitioned her from her toddler bed with no problems. #phew Also, shaping this blog up now that the design is done!

7. What I’m excited about– Little things- like everyone sleeping in their own rooms (i.e. where they are supposed to be sleeping), my youngest daughter loving her new preschool, and getting my LORAC Mega Pro Palette 3 in the mail tomorrow and the Master Palette by Mario with Anastasia of Beverly Hills being released tomorrow. #internetstalkerfingersready

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8. What I’m watching/reading– YouTube beauty gurus! Who are your favorites? My husband and I are watching Beach Front Living at night and dreaming it could be us!

9. What I’m listening to– The same old same old, nothing new here #kidscontroltheradio

10. What I’m wearingMy Marc Jacobs Object of Desire Palette, this Becca Highlighter, still loving the Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream and these goodies from Loft. #youneedthesebootcutjeans #alsoanyofthevintagetees

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11. What I’m doing this weekend– It is a free weekend before my daughters birthday/party so taking it easy! In my world that means catching up on laundry, cleaning, and watching College Football! #govols

12. What I’m looking forward to next month– October brings so many fun things: Halloween and Fall activities with my family, cooler weather, jeans and sweaters, and of course more holiday beauty releases! My youngest wants to be wonder woman and my oldest wants to be a witch for Halloween! #cantwait #byebyeprincesscostumes


What else is new: Thanks for reading if you made it to the bottom! Here are some more goodies to indulge in down below.

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