January 2017 What’s Up Wednesday!

I haven’t done one of these since October so welcome back and happy 2017! Enjoy my random assortment of beauty loves, fashion loves, and family escapades 😉

What we’re eating this week– We are trying really hard to stick to a budget since we want to take a big Disney World trip at the end of the year so we are planning out our meals and groceries as well as taking advantage of online order/pickup grocery shopping at our local Harris Teeter. #wherehasthisbeenallmylife It’s so easy to tell exactly how much your groceries are going to cost. So what’s on the menu? Sloppy Joes (at request of my daughter), cheese pizza, spaghetti, salmon, and chicken tikka masala!

What I’m loving– Lots of things, probably too many to mention since a lot of Spring makeup has come out at drugstore. Some of my favorites have been the Flower Beauty (walmart) spring release with blushes, highlighting trio palette and a face contouring palette (click links for reviews and swatches!). I also am liking the blush palette from the L’oreal Paints line as well as the lip paint in spicy blush. I am also loving the Chloe Fleur perfume and LXMI moisturizer that I got from Sephora right before the New Year. Also loving some new IT Cosmetics items that I recently got when it was on QVC for a TSV- like the Je Ne Sais Quoi Soft Stain Lip Gloss that came in a kit with the lip treatment. I’m also trying out the new Confidence in a Compact cream foundation that has spf 50 from the TSV(click on link for review and swatch)!

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What we’ve been up to– Snow Days- ok just 2, but it felt like the kids barely went to school in January with the holidays and snow days. I love snow days- it makes me feel like a kid. Don’t kid yourself, it takes me like an hour to get my kids ready to go in the snow. I myself am not a expert at this as I grew up in a place where it never snowed, ever. I love the after snow activities too- including hot chocolate, cozy clothes, fireplace, and a movie.

What I’m working on– Getting my preschooler ready for Kindergarten. Yes it is January! This is a bigger feat than you think since she has a couple of things that she struggles with including speech, auditory processing, and sensory integration. These three things effect her a lot in terms of how she learns, socializes, and her general attention span. She is also left handed and this seems to have made writing more difficult as well. #fingerscrossed Annnnd planning a Disney World trip- see next 😉

What I’m excited about– My new IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact that I am trying out (see the kit and review here) and new Spring launches. Maybelline has released a cushion makeup as well as liquid highlighter and a baby lips balm crayon. NYX has a ton of stuff out for Spring as well as Physicians Formula, Wet n Wild, and Milani! Pixi Beauty has also come out with beauty blogger collars that you can find at your local target and most of them look very promising!  I am also excited about Valentines’ Day. My Husband and I don’t do anything fancy, but we always try to go out to a nice dinner and get each other little gifts. I like to get my girls little gifts too and put them on the table for them to find in the morning at breakfast.  And even though it’s far in the future, I am super excited about taking my girls to Disney for the first time (for them). I have spent a lot of this month pre-planning and budgeting for our trip. Disney is no joke and, initially, I found it to be pretty overwhelming trying to plan our trip. To stay in a disney resort or not? If so do we want a meal plan? Do this or use credit card points for lodging? Which parks do we want to go to? How long to go? When can we make meal reservations to make the most out of the experience? Do we want to visit other theme parks in Orlando while we are there? So much to decide! There’s so much cool stuff to do at Disney and so we will have to pick and choose, I know we won’t be able to do it all! Any suggestions or tips? Be my expert/travel guide and leave them in the comments below-look way below 😉

What I’m watching/reading– I BINGE watched all 4 seasons of Sherlock with my husband over the last couple of weeks. I could not get enough! It was over 18 hours of Sherlock- and then I re-watched the 4th season! #makethatover20hours OMG that last episode was a mind bender. #lovedit #ihavealotofquestions  Seasons 1-3 are on Netflix! #fyi Also we were able to buy the Trolls movie on Amazon video before it’s dvd release next Tuesday. My two girls love this movie. #mamaapproved

What I’m listening to– The Trolls and Moana soundtrack- nonstop for the last two months! My kids and family loved those two movies and both soundtracks are tolerable for adults 🙂

What I’m wearing– The weather has been super weird here. One weekend it snowed and the low was 7, the very next weekend the high was like 80! It has even over the last two weeks to about 50-60. This is wreaking havoc on my skin and my wardrobe. I have really been loving a couple of items in my wardrobe lately and all three of them are under $50. I am going to mention one of my favorite tops in the world and brace yourself- it’s from QVC. The LOGO v-neck tee. Now I really don’t like buying clothes from QVC unless it’s like Barefoot Dreams where I am sure of the sizing- otherwise it’s a crap shoot. But this top comes in a myriad of colors, new colors come every Fall and Spring, so there’s always new ones that pop up you don’t have. I like this shirt because I can layer with it, it’s great with skinny jeans or leggings, and it can hide figure flaws (belly and/or saddle bag thighs/hips), and it has a flattering fit- being fitted at the bust and then draping away and not clinging in the middle. If you are interested in ordering know that this top runs big- I wear a size Large at Loft and buy a Medium in this top, and if I want it fitted, a Small. I’m going to recommend black or the blackberry color (looks like it could be navy or very deep purple and goes with everything). I am also enjoying this thin sweater type cardigan from AnyBody (also from QVC) that can be lounge or worn out of the house. I have already worn this out of the house on several occasions over a long sleeve shirt and jeans. It is super soft, long in the back to cover the hiny if you want to wear with leggings or skinnies, and can be worn in three different ways- love versatility! Ok and the fun thumb holes 🙂 Check out this cardigan here– also have this in a medium in black. I am also super in love with this Field Jacket from Old Navy  specifically in the hunter pines shade. #oliveisaneutral #goeswitheverything  I’ll have to buy a couple more now that I see they have more colors! #yay This is a super flattering jacket- giving you a waist without looking bulky. It’s a good length too without being too short or too long. #thegoldilocksofjackets

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What I’m doing this weekend– My sister-in-law and nephew are visiting so we will be entertaining them with places like Ikea and other fun sites around town lol. Going to a friend’s LulaRoe pop up on Sunday- I personally like the classic tee and perfect tee in tasteful/classic colors- nothing crazy. Other than that- preparing for the school/work week ahead- oh yeah and getting started on those taxes.

What I’m looking forward to next month– Valentines’ Day, Valentines’ Day Parties at school. I’m volunteering at my daughter’s school in the Kindergarten class- they are so adorable. I’m taking my older daughter with a friend to see a Junie B Jones play. We are also hoping to see Sleeping Beauty Ballet in March- but I get ahead of myself.

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